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OH HEY neglected blog!

Poor thing, it requires thoughtful and meaty posts that I can’t seem to write. Life is good, my head is swirling with lots and LOTS of work stuff, lovely love stuff and discovering this city stuff.

Which is why I’ve started a new place to jot my thoughts in an ADD-typical-millenial style… on tumblr.

So come visit me, and if you have one of your own follow me so we can reblog our brief and profound thoughts together.

Happy weekending!


One year ago today, on December 31st, 2008, I moved into this here apartment I’m typing from right now. I had actually driven into Austin two days earlier but thanks to the wonders of logistics and company office moves 10x more important… my stuff didn’t show up until the early morning of New Year’s Eve. (I wasn’t mad, I was just a simple girl with a storage unit thankful to be moving up and out of her parents house. I had a job and a new beginning. Waiting 48 hours in an empty apartment was worth it)

A year ago today, I spent New Year’s Eve alone. I was officially alone in my new city, in a new apartment and I had finally gotten all my stuff. That day and night, I unpacked the things I own into a new place (in record time, thank you very much), opened up a bottle of bubbly, and turned on Anderson Cooper. At midnight, 2009 started and I turned a year older as it was my birthday. My privilege of having this birthday is that I am able to celebrate the very second it starts… with friends. I highly recommend it. Last year I did not spend it surrounded by friends.

In fact, when the ball dropped, I was outside on my porch toasting the moon and the stars, giving thanks for the opportunity to stand where I was standing and everything that led me to that moment.

2009 was an incredible year for me. I am the only person I know that feels this way, but I am very sorry to see it go.

Tonight, one year later, things are going to be a little bit different. But I plan on ushering 2010 in the same fashion, thankful for everything that brings me to that moment at midnight… and for the kiss that will follow. 🙂

Many wishes for a happy, healthy and good for the soul 2010!

Just a life lesson here: When one has not been getting enough sleep, for what seems like her entire life, and then has a week of really not getting enough sleep, looking at decorating sites and finding something like Exhibit A might bring one to tears:

Exhibit A


OMG. The thickness of that comforter just kills me.

I swear, if this was my bed, I would come home and get right in it and not even check my phone or computer. I think new bedding might now be in the cards for me…

It was almost as if I could imagine the fountain and the Von Trapp children bopping up and down its’ stairs:

Not only did he steal an extra hour, which I normally don’t realize is important and therefore have never really cared missed (as opposed to hours wasted in long horrible movies, months in a stupid dumb ass relationship, or years worshipping a superficial ideal –  I get how those are wasted, but one hour, puhlease, I waste time in one hour increments constantly!!) but I think he stole my cheery deposition, my regal looks and definitely my affinity for being awake during the day (not even peppermints – nature’s own caffeine!! – are working).

He may have also stole the electricity to my alarm clock therefore not waking me at my agreed upon time but rather when Daylight Savings Time fricking felt like it!!!! Which is also the same time I have to LEAVE for work.

I mean, really. What do you want from me, DST??

To be super famous and anthromorphized like these guys:


Sorry, DST. I quit the ad biz awhile back. If you’d come around more than once a year and not skip the time I lived in Indiana, you’d know that.

I mean, it’s got to be your vendetta against me, there’s no way I could have possibly have forgotten to turn on my alarm last night, even after I shuddered thinking, Man, that would so SUCK if I woke up at 7:30, and double checked it??! I mean, I think I double checked my alarm? Nope. Everyone else says it’s you, Daylight Savings, so I’m going with it. Because I am nothing, if not  a sucker for lame excuses, a follower, an absolute “with-it” and “together” person, having a sh**ty Monday.

Last fall I saw Louis CK on Conan O’Brien and he had the most amazing comedic commentary on today’s society. It’s genius and so, so true.

And then youtube took down the clip and I was sad because it totally makes me laugh.

And then I found it randomly again this morning and it makes me so very happy.

Also, I never give anything up for Lent but I think I’m going to give up complaining. Totally insigificant to my life so easy but also very integral to the inner commentary in my head, which will be hard. It’s my own Lenten paradox. It’s actually not true, kinda. I don’t know, Lent is SO confusing, I never have any idea of what to do. Do you punish yourself when you slip up, do you get Sundays free, am I or am I not supposed to not eat meat on Fridays???? I have no idea! I need to take a class on it or something. Clearly you can see how seriously I’ve taken this in the past.

But seriously, I can be pretty negative towards myself and tend to beat myself up over stuff that is stupid and not worth my time and also detrimental to my self-worth at points. So I’m going to stop. And to add Pollyanna to this Lenten season, if I do start to have negative thoughts, I’m going to stop myself and think of something positive.

And when I really want to complain and be negative, I’ll just watch this clip instead:

Update: It looks like you have to go to the post to watch the video. Or just click on the link at the bottom of the RSS feed to see it.  Good to know but I’ll keep the complaints to myself, I have a couple hours.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

As in “fucking sick”. Fick.

I don’t know what I have, but I have it. I finally admit defeat. Not even my surefire Neti-pot is helping.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t last long. I think feeling sorry for myself is making it worse, I haven’t even lived here long enough to find a doctor. Ugh.


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