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Remember the crazy cat lady?? She actually turned out to be an ex-backup singer for a very famous 70s band AND a retired cardio surgeon. Yeah, book meet cover.  Well, she still has a lot of cats. One of which she wants to give to me.

Tonight she brought him over and we’re trying him on for size. Of course my cat is curious but not enough to really check it out, only enough to do drive-bys and then stay the hell away.

I secretly hope the kitten stays.

Meet Romeo*


*Couple disclaimers:

  • Kitten is in the bathroom like a responsible cat introduction should be, as opposed to a couple months ago when crazy cat lady just walked in my apartment with the kitten and my kitty hissed (So very impolite of her!)
  • Please excuse my dirty bathroom and floors, cleaning was going to be tonight but put it off once I’d realize I’d have to do it again once kitten leaves
  • If this kitten becomes mine, the name will change. I have a perfect girl’s name but no boy names. Brainstorming session has started.
I had just taken the time to do an AWESOME pie chart documenting my day today. It was intended to visually illustrate the point that my current career is nothing more than a regurgitator. (I just invented a new word and a new career, sweet) I regurgitate, like a fly. I am a fly.

But I can’t figure out how to save my chart as a picture so that I can upload it to here so you will just have to deal with a picture of my cat.
Meet Savannah:


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