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But it’s a small world after all.

Tonight I found out that my past is directly connected to my present, and starting in 2009, what will be my future.

I don’t mean this to be cryptic, and it is much less important in words than in meaning. It has to do with people in my life who are connected to each other, unbeknownst to me until I reconnected with the past someone to let her know about my future.

But more than anything that has happened to me in the last 10 days. My faith is fully restored at levels I didn’t expect for a very long time. It is like I’ve been looking at my life as a map, with roads all over the place, smaller vessels intertwined, connecting the direct cause and effect of past actions. Except there is one major highway, it starts from one side of the map and curves into the middle and its’ mirror image from the other side, neither connecting but they look like they fit together. Tonight, I realized that final bridge, connector, what have you, was put in place and the road is complete.

I’m no longer selfish enough to think that the world revolves around me. In fact, one lesson I’ve learned is that perhaps I should give myself a little but more promenence than I have before.

But tonight, if for just one moment, even if it doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things, I feel the world’s rhythm in sync with my own.  I look forward to more of my major highways on my journey finding their missing connection. I now know they will.

I wouldn’t have changed anything, and that finally, is the point.


So we all know it’s my last day at crazytown today. Can you hear the angels singing? I can!

Anyway, the replacement that they hired for me is great overall. She’s a talented in marketing and seems really organized, I think she is going to do great.

However, I’m a little miffed (yes, I can use this word and not be 45 years old) because once she arrived, everyone was really patient and nice and all took time to TEACH her how to do her job. Well, duh, you say, isn’t that sort of what happens with a new person. Why yes, I’d respond, it is. But you know there is more to this story.

I got thrown in the the role she was hired for. I got literally no transition. The marketing director before me was so happy to be leaving she prepared a great list of items to be done in the next two weeks after she left. That’s it. No training on the budget. No transition on issues that the company has been having with vendors. Nothing. NOTHING.

So for two months I was drowning in all this catch up and trying to figure out ways to solve problems while my boss thought that I was taken through everything and had a nice training time of 2 weeks. So who looks like a jack ass? Me.

Yeah, I could have defended myself to my boss and set her straight. But I hate excuses and I hate them even more when they come out of me. Plus I was so over it by that point, it just wasn’t worth the time. Although, lessons learned my friends. Taking the downfall sucks balls.

Anyway, there is this one project that I originated and owned for a good 6 months. This project has doubled in size and they hired more people to handle it. Now the new marketing director is working on it and she stops me this morning to say:

“How the hell did you do this? It’s really hard! I’m having the worst time.”

I gave her some suggestions, told her things I learned and just smiled on the inside. I wish her much luck and I think she will do a better job that I EVER could. My journey is done, my time has passed, and the road is hers.


(But it does feel a little good, not going to lie)

So my review was this week – and long and painful story short – I came clean and was honest and told them I’m leaving in July.

I don’t think it was a surprise to anyone. Although it was incredibly sad for me because I didn’t want to go out this way – not being able to contribute as much as I thought I could. Getting stonewalled everytime I tried to do something.

In hindsight, my so called “hated” job I left was a cake walk but I refuse to go into “coulda, shoulda, woulda”.

Making that decision to leave to come here propelled me to take the next steps to change. I’m not sure I would have done that elsewhere.

But realising my failures here, makes it harder and harder to come to work each day.

It’s a lonely place to be.

But I have great hope for my future. I just wish it was here now!

In my effort to completely be annoying because it’s Monday and I HATE our weekly Monday meeting, the following transpired, thanks in part to ‘The Office’:

Co-worker: After this meeting, we are getting cupcakes
Me: Oooh, Beer Me a cupcake!

IT guy after his input means that the meeting will be longer: Relax guys, we’re almost done
Me: That’s what she said!!

Mission accomplished. Awesome.

Nuns are alive and well in the United States – I think I have seen 2,000 of them. It was nice to have a bunch in the elevator with me when I sneezed… they all said “God Bless You” – it was like a chorus of angels.

I think I could eat crab cake sandwiches for the rest of my life …. and drink Yingling beer. Why don’t we have this in Chicago??

I don’t think the priest next to me appreciates the Dropkick Murphys I’m playing on my laptop. In the open. I’m so considerate.

I learned about the honeybee epidemic – or lack of honeybee epidemic during a down time yesterday chatting with my two new friends (the 55+ ladies love me!)

Too much Bible literature freaks me out, it shouldn’t but it does.

I’m headed home – thanks Baltimore, or as I prefer to call you San Boswaukee as you remind me of a mix of those 3 cities, I’ve enjoyed it.

So I made to Baltimore. I like it, a lot.

I’m at a conference for Catholic Educators in America (and the Caribbean, apparently) – which is awesome because as a educational company – I get to talk about our programs to a willing and very happy audience. It’s nice having subjects that are primed.

I’m staying about a mile away from the Convention Center – a little outside of the downtown area – in a more historic area. I’m happy to be in this part of town, more character and Irish bars. My hotel has a lot left to be desired but after my year of being a collegiate consultant, I’m thrilled to have my own hotel room and not sleep on someone’s couch.

Here’s a recap of my trip so far:

– Made best friends with 500 nuns
– Jeans fell down once (they are stretch or my belly is too big, but it’s cause they are stretch)
– Been asked for directions in Baltimore (WTF?)
– Got groped on the arm by a 1 year old on the plane (he had great eyes, though)
– Saw a midget – before I got coffee so I’m not entirely certain but I’m pretty sure
– A man came up to me and asked if I could hand him a couple of our pencils I was giving away, of course I said he could take a couple if he wanted. Then he tells me it’s because he has a stumped finger and uses pencils for his GPS tools. I’m sort of listening (hey, at hour 6 of non-stop talking and standing, it’s a little blurry) and he then shows me his hand and sure enough there is half of his left index finger.
– Ate the most wonderful meal of crab cake sandwich and a New Bohemian Beer, at the request of my boyfriend. Thanks baby for the recommendation, it was amazing.
– Staying in a hotel with no heat. Not unlike apartment buildings in Chicago, the heat kicks off on April 1. Usually it’s not 30 degrees out. Brrr!
– Receive daily check in calls from the bf after he’s fed and hung out with my cat
– Made best friends with the lady in the booth next to me, who asks me questions and then interrupts me with her own thoughts. She is great though.
– Feel insanely happy I am not at the office and wish I could do this part of the job full time

The original Washington Monument in Baltimore, about 2 blocks from my hotel

* Starting two weeks before I left, the bf kept asking me if I was excited to be going to “Balmer”. I thought he was being cute until I realized he was trying to be colloquial. He’s from VA and has relatives in Maryland but I still thought he was being a know-it all…

Until I got here… and they all drop the ‘t’ and say Balmer. Dang it.

Going to Baltimore for a convention for work.

By myself.

Happy to get the hell out of the office for a few days.

Excited to be on my own traveling again, it’s been too long.

Thrilled to go to back to Baltimore, where I spent 2.5 years of my life and my sister was born… and I don’t remember any of it.

Prayers for wireless at my hotel!


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