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If I never saw a calendar, I would know what time of year it would by my specific anxiety level that only feels this way in March. Anyway, it’s making me not want to work but blog instead. I can’t think coherently (anxiety mixed with Friday) so here’s some random goodies in a bullet format. Is it 5:30 yet??

  • My alma mater plays tonight at 5:30. After getting a bye in the Big 10 tourney, we are playing a team that we might lose to, not because they are good but because it’s Michigan and for some reason we like to throw them (or any random underrated team) a bone now and then. I think it’s a self esteem problem. However, I’m so excited that all I want to do is go and tie one on RIGHT NOW until I remember that I used to do exactly that, leave work early to meet college friends¬† to watch the game, and now I live in a place where that’s not possible. So. I’m thinking that I might just watch the game from the comforts of a treadmill. Sounds productive except..
  • I flipping lost my iPod. What the french?! I had it last at the gym the other night – thought I had tossed in my work bag, but it’s nowhere to be found. It’s not at work, it’s not at home. I’m praying it’s in my gym bag, which I’ve half heartedly checked and not at the gym, stolen and now loving someone else. Ugh.
  • My director gave my team all gifts today. Working for a university lends itself to getting a LOT of branded items, some cool and useful, some not. Today’s gift was a pen. And at my core, I have a deep and severe love for office supplies, mostly in the format of pens. I can’t use just any pen. I have to like the way it writes, the ink, etc. I’m not some floozy who only likes pink gel – I hate gel pens, in fact – but I like more than just a ball point. So once I find a pen I like, I will use it and nothing else. Well, at least until I find another one I like. This pen I got today? IS AWESOME. OMG. So excited. Seriously. Pens. I am so easy to please!! How do I not have a boyfriend yet? Just buy me specific and exact pens that I like , honey, that’s all I need. Yeah… that’s why.
  • My cell phone contract is up in July. Which, can NOT come fast enough. I’m so sick of the crappy phone I have and I want a qwerty keypad so bad it hurts to even text in the T9 format. I have been shopping for a new phone for awhile but it makes me ache for a new phone SO BAD, it’s pointless to put myself through this agony. Because I have this thing for not liking whatever is the most popular out of spite principle, I’ve decided that unlike the rest of America under 35, I was not going to fall into the iPhone trap. Until my coworker got one and let me play with it, and unlike the 10 other times I’ve played with iPhones, this one trapped me under its’ spell. Plus I get a discount, so I think I will be getting an iPhone. Which is great. Except I have ZERO patience and want one RIGHT NOW.
  • Today is the last day before ye olde university’s Spring Break and I couldn’t be more excited!! Next week I’m going to be the only person in my office here – so pretty much nothing will get done. But I’m excited to attempt to get work done without random interruptions that prevent me from doing it on normal days. Also South by Southwest (SXSW in these parts) starts next week (it’s during Spring Break on purpose. Smart Move!) but famous people have descended already and there is a buzz in the air that is so electric right now, which combined with my anxiety level for college basketball, I feel like I could combust at any second.

That’s it. Is it 5:30 yet??


Still not feeling it – pretty sure I’m emotionally blocked at the moment, nothing’s getting through.

But! I do have something random to share.

My name forms 17,400 anagrams! 17,400!! Isn’t that a ton of words formed out of my name?!

That seems like an awful lot and some of the words, I don’t consider to be words, really.¬†

Here is my favorite out of the first 1,000. Feel free to call me:

Grannie Mash Me

I’ve got to figure out how to integrate this into my life somehow.

Check out this site, and find your favorite anagram.


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