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Finally!! Plus I don’t have anything ironic to post to “typical Tuesdays” today, so this is going to have to do.

I’m not one of those “up the Olympics’ ass” type of people. (Yeah, I just made that up but you know those people! We all do.) But I am a recovering UTOA. When I was a kid I used to put on my parents’ John Williams greatest hits CDs – well, I’m sure it wasn’t called that, but it had his Star Wars, Superman, and Indiana Jones themes along with the Olympic theme! I pulled out the big ass flag, obligated of every household to fly on national holidays in my town, out of the coat closet, put that baby on and marched around the house. Parade of Nations, party of one. I also used to play church, with the family bible, some robes and grape juice for communion so making up games out of nothing at all was not out of the ordinary for me.

Anyway, I do not sit in my red, white and blue while watching the games (anymore anyway) but I do watch the primetime stuff and I will admit I am already getting sad about the games ending next weekend. This also might be in part to my current life crisis: interviewing-but-not-yet-obtaining-a-job-some-of-which-are-all-the-way-across-the-country, so OMG am I really moving? So my choices are either nurse a Jack Daniels or make really sarcastic comments about other people living their dreams. Since I’m living with my parents, which you would think might drive me to the former, it’s actually the latter.

– Bela Karolyi, honest to goodness, I love him. I love his indistinguishable English when he gets excited. I love that he appears so bitter either for not being on the floor coaching or because no one has asked him to be the King of Gymnastics and make all the rules. But I’m telling you now, I think he would make an excellent commentator of everything. Cover the national conventions this month. Host Meet the Press. Send him down to Florida to tell us about Hurricane Fay. Or better yet, get the man his own cooking show. Is it just me or do you shout “Belllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh” whenever he is on the TV?? Just me? Okay, cool.

– Michael Phelps. Yes, he is an EXTRAORDINARY athlete, unbelieveably so. But honestly, I’m sick of hearing about him. Loved the races. OMG. I’m an ex-swimmer so I LOVE the races but I don’t care that he listens to Lil Wayne to get pumped up. Partly because I imagined him listening to “Enter Sandman” on the blocks and I don’t see how you can get it up for Lil Wayne but whatever. 12,000 calories a day and no girlfriend?? Who cares? Just jump in the damn water.

– Synchronized Diving. AMAZING. Not as good as having Chanel noseclips like the synchro swimmers but it will do.

-Trampolines?? Okay, is trampolining REALLY an Olympic sport? It is awesome though. But I also invented two sports, tencrosse ( mix of tennis and lacrosse, much harder than it sounds) and Pinkball (in the absence of 8th grade boys letting you play kickball with them, go buy a pink one at Wal-Mart and start your own game). I think they would add a lot to the games as well. Who do I have to talk to?

– China, we all know those are NOT 16 year old girls. This could imply many things, but I’m referring to gymnasts. Okay, maybe that ONE is, but the other ones are not.

– Also World gymnasts? ENOUGH with the crazzzzy make up and hair clips and glitter oh my. I have a LOTTA, LOTTA hair and rarely need more than two when putting my hair in a competitive ponytail. Making geometric shapes with the formation of your hair clips is so not needed and kind of a distraction to the viewer.

– George Bush. Hey, what’s up? Saw you at the opening ceremony chatting it up with Putin like you hadn’t finished your conversation the last time you kicked back a few and want a rematch of that poker game. Did you NOT know what was going on in Georgia. The former Russian state, not home of Atlanta. Never mind, don’t answer that.

But olympics, I do love you. And I don’t know what I’m going to do when you depart me next weekend. Well, at least I have The Hills to keep me company for awhile. (Down with Lo!)


* if you have no life like moi

  • You learn pretty quickly how crappy your general iTunes catalog is when you are on Yahoo IM and your status is the song you are listening to. I prefer to keep my obsession with Heart to myself but I forget sometimes…
  • Fourth of July was interesting. I needed to get the hell out of town, and NOT to Chicago and I had a friend offering her lakehouse in Michigan and so we went. As did 51 of her family members. It was fun and I’ve always wanted a big family. But holy crap, silence and not sharing a room with 12 other people is SACRED. As are friendly 3 year olds, as opposed to the one I met, and tried to be friends with, who I’m pretty sure was mocking me with his grumpy face and blatant disregard for my attempts at pleasantness. But my friend’s mom was really sweet and I think felt bad for me that I do not have a job yet. She’s a spiritual lady and gave me a mantra to say to myself, so that was nice.
  • Fuck, my iTunes library sucks! I’ve had to change two songs already
  • Right now, unless miracles upon miracles happen, it looks like I will be moving my stuff into storage and moving back to my parents for the time being. I’m not so annoyed with not having a job as I’m annoyed with the idea of moving twice. And quite frankly, I feel like I’m supposed to end up in Chicago because I have learned a lot about myself this year and I think I have amends to make with relationships I left there, not just him, but friends as well. It is much easier for me to move and start over than to go back and face the music.
  • I’ve been applying to all sorts of jobs over the last 3 days, and I’m actually having fun doing it! CRAZY. But I’ll be glad not to have to do them any more. I think the key is having the cover letter and just modifying it.
  • I’m not at all interested in men anymore. Women have never been an interest of mine either so it’s pretty boring over here, people. The Ex and I have had some pretty interesting breakthroughs in the last couple of weeks, mostly that the main issues we struggled with no longer seem to be an issue for him anymore. While I KNEW this would happen, I had hoped that it would happen while we were together but it looks like it had to take him to lose me to figure shit out. However, I’ve noticed that the things that I used to find charming and endearing about him, and are SO HIM they’ll always be there, I now find annoying and won’t put up with it. I think this weekend we are finally going to see each other to do the exchanging of the stuff. I don’t care about his stuff but he has a ton of my books. Plus, I don’ t think I’ve actually experienced closure yet, and I’m interested to see how I will feel actually seeing him. I’m either going to get clarity or make really bad life decisions. So that’s nice.
  • What the hell is going on with that P.S. I Love You movie?? I had to turn it off, I thought it was so horrible. My best friend told me she LOVED it and bawled through it. Fine. I am kind of a snob, so it didn’t surprise me she and I disagreed. Well, then last night the Ex told me he thought that movie was awesome and he cried 100 times. WHAT THE HELL?? This is the same guy who favors bands on independent labels and even he couldn’t see through that Hallmark card of a mess??  And then he recommended Definitely Maybe too. I’ve also turned into a  jaded freak and it’s possible that all jaded people in the world now believe in love and flowers and shit. I’m sure it’s just me.
  • At the risk of sounding like Seinfeld, organic prices, what *is* the deal with that?? Seriously. After receiving very real images of myself in photographic form, taken VERY recently, I’ve decided I need to start eating healthy again and not pretend everything I put in my mouth is not going to affect me. Bless Meijer. Bless. They actually have their own organic food line and typically the chain is known for it’s value. It’s also the only place in town I can go to buy organic food. But holy hell, I thought I was bleeding money when I paid. It’s expensive. But worth it. Eating well is worth it, this is my new mantra.
  • Bridal showers are SOOOOOOO much better without games. I can NOT stress this enough. Old and good friends spending time together. That’s all that matters. And the presents were great, it didn’t take all day. And once again my duty as the bow-collector-for-the-rehearsal-bouquet lives on. I’ve lost track at how many times I’ve done this. It looked like a hot mess too but everyone liked it. I have no idea why.
  • I had the opportunity to make a couple horrible life decisions this weekend, but due to logistical errors my sensible self decided against. And while it would have felt goooooooood, I just don’t think it with the right thing to do. And that would have made it really really hard, after the fact. I was breaking down the situation to my best friend last night and she said, for the first time in discussing this ongoing sitch, I conveyed my thoughts to her in such a logical and sensible way with conviction she has never heard before. Part of me was like “What? I’m always logical, sensible and I have convictions” but then most of me knew what she meant and smiled.
  • Job Search 2008 is ongoing. Apparently Chicago doesn’t want me, which is hilarious because now I really want her. This really could summarize a lot of my relationships. Late. to. the. game. Anyway, the only serious thing I have is that I’m a finalist at another school in Indiana. I have a lot of stuff out there so I hope something becomes serious soon so I can have choices. The idea of living in Indiana seriously, like changing my driver’s license and stuff, is so incredibly depressing. But at least it’s out of this hick town and in one that is much more lively and offer something of a dating/activity scene. I know the right fit is out there for me, I’m not too worried. yet.
  • There is a huge f*cker of a fly zipping around my head/room/townhouse. It is so fast I can’t locate it, although I can hear it. It is making my cat go CRAZY. Ugh.
  • Serious thoughts revolving around kittens lately. Not just because they are adorable, because they are. Mostly because I think Savannah needs a friend, I don’t my limited time with her is ever enough. Right now I’m in the process of trying to figure out if it’s a friend she needs or if I’m not doing a good job as her owner. I think it’s the former, only because she lived with her brothers and sisters at the shelter for so long, I think she would do great with another cat. We’ll see. I feel like I shouldn’t do anything with an obvious move coming up in two months. But wheee!!
  • The most annoying person ever is in my program. She’s a silent annoyer though because it only took 8 months for her to be this annoying. I recently spent a week with my classmates on an immersion trip and I am definitely not the only one that feels this way, which makes me feel better. I wish I could show how she acts on here to prove my point but I’m not that mean. She’s a breathy talker, soft and all “hiiiiiiii guys….” with a high voice. She’s a dancer so she prances all the time. She doesn’t take a compliment unless it’s from a gay male, and then she’s all happy. She also really insulted some of my lgbt friends when she directly and indirectly contributed to making fun of being gay. I know she’s sheltered and she’s struggling to find her own opinion but it’s so frustrating. I told my friends I want to adopt her and have her live with me for a year so I could give her assignments like “Read these legitimate news sources about universal health care and the candidates’ positions. Report back to me in your own words, what the issue is and who you support and why by 5pm”. Today in class, she was so slow writing because she loves her handwriting so she has to take her time, that she was copying off my notes and reading off of the book I was reading, when I should have been paying attention. Holy mother of pearl, I almost lost my shizz right there. Also she has a job already. WTF?
  • Finally, I can NOT stop thinking about an old old old boyfriend of mine. We dated the summer before my senior year of college. I was way into him, he was way into me, only I didn’t believe him and we broke up because I didn’t have time for him (his words). Actually, I was playing hard to get. BUSTED. After my own break up this fall, we got back in touch briefly, but I think he could smell the rebound and it was short lived. I can’t explain it, and at the risk of sounding totally desperate or whatever, there is something about him. I really don’t think our first relationship counts, one because when he asked if we were bf/gf that summer, I told him “Um… I think we are just dating”, and two, because I was 21 and clearly a MORON. He lives in my hometown, still single, never married and more jaded by the second, time will tell I know but I can’t shake this feeling. (at least it’s not about my most recent ex, so I’m going with it).

But anyway, Memorial Day is coming up! And in Indiana that means Indy 500, or as I like to say “Indy who the heck cares?”. However, I have been conned into going to the parade on Saturday because basically “it’s the only time celebrities come to Indiana”. So here’s hoping…

A couple reasons I’m going insane this week:

– MASSIVE, MASSIVE, MASSIVE, crunch time at work
– I’m out of town on Thursday and Friday (no, not for fun)
– Had a serious discussion/”stop picking on me” talk with my co-worker who does not understand teamwork
– No way to get quarters, have to do laundry
– My beloved Macbook is broken. Broken. A Mac!???! Only me. So no way to get on the internets and print the googlemaps, airline tix and rental car I need. Not to mention last minute emails that I need to get done. PERSONALLY. At home
– My cat is acting really weird, like really weird. And I have to leave her.
– My taxes were never filed by my accountant and I need that money. Like Yesterday. And my accountant is sporadically available.

One reason why I will not go insane:
– The BF – who is totally making me swoon and keeping me normal:
– Bringing me quarters so I can do my laundry tonight so I don’t have to do it and release insanity the night before my trip.
– Even after taking my laundry to his house last week and folding it all AMAZINGLY – better than I do – last week.
– Lying down with my cat to calm her down two nights in a row. Even though he’s a self proclaimed cat-hater and really allergic to them
– Buying my dinner last night from a crappy Mexican place and not complaining about how crappy his food was – see CRAMPS

Nice break, back to work. Okay, now where’s the Advil?

I hate when I think of a list of things that I hate on the way home but then can’t think of them when I want to write.

I hate confusion about time zones. You said you are calling me at 9:30 – is that your time? Well, it’s 9pm and no call so I guess it’s my time. Damn, 8:30 worked better

I hate making mac and cheese without any hot dogs

I hate my bosses at work who put me on a project for 5 months and now that the big presentation is here, they change direction every other week so who cares about all my other work

I hate that they asked me to quantify QUALITATIVE DATA. Huh?

I hate that I buy all these candles and then the wick gets stuck in the melted wax

I hate walking by these new fancy condo buildings that are too cheap to pay for a snow blowing service or don’t feel the need to shovel.

I hate not having any smell or taste. I have no way to know if I have bad breath!

I hate that I had to work later on the the night I have to myself.

I hate reruns.

I hate cleaning.

I hate how the dishes pile up.

But most of all, I hate the wind.

Guess I didn’t forget all of this after all!

1. Being Cranky
2. Making money mistakes
3. Having a non stop headache
4. Unable to find the bottle of Advil, when you know you *had* it weeks ago and it was full.
5. general housework including picking up, doing dishes, cleaning the bathroom.
6. E!, when I count on it to have mindless TV and it’s stuff I hate
7. Lo mein reheated
8. Cleaning the litterbox
9. Sunday night, with nothing to show for the weekend.
10.. Boyfriend having a busier weekend than I and clearly enjoying it.

All this clearly relates to #1. I’m so sad tomorrow is Monday *sniff*

But you know the one thing that cheers me up? Hearing “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” that song just cures everything for me.

– Random shooting in the Metra station, leaves me high and dry on the way home. Well, not really high and dry, more like crap, I have to walk forever and grab the red line or crap, I have to get the bus and change to another bus (I hope that’s the right way). But really it was, cool I’ll take the Ashland bus to the Clark bus, crap the Clark bus never came so I’ll walk north and stop by the cat shelter where I volunteer (rarely, but I can warm up and then walk to the L) but balls, it’s already closed, so I’ll just go on to the L (oh yeah, like 30 minutes of total walking), man all these Chinese restaurants make me hungry, wow there’s a random drunk guy and a woman swearing WAY too loudly, yay L, yay chinese place right off the L, yay home! Tired of reading this, yeah, it sucked.

Oh, and my face (cheeks) are SO dry. Thanks wind. Guess there goes that idea about putting on my mint julip mask tonight, my face might fall off.

P.S. I love this Primetime show on North Korea. It isn’t interesting that the North Koreans that Diane Sawyer interviewed know nothing about the Nike hat they are wearing, telling her it came from Japan, but school children can speak English with both a British and American accent and sing their favorite song, Do Re Mi. Fa, a long way to run indeed, Diane.

Yay winter.

Edit: the shooting was in the building that houses the Metra station, and kept the trains for obv. reasons. However they were up and running by 5pm. AT THE TIME I LEFT. Yet all the internet media was saying otherwise. Love the speed and accuracy,


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