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So between BF’s *COUGH COUGH* (yes, it’s still around but not as bad) and my head cold and as of 7pm tonight, my *COUGH COUGH* (grrr!) we have put an embargo in place not to share a bed until we are both better. I’m not sure why sharing the same couch or space for long periods of time is any different than sleeping next to each other, but I think we mentally feel that will help us get back to our normal non-*COUGH COUGH* selves.

It’s kind of lonely, kind of nice that he goes home at 10pm these past 4 nights a week. Usually I have about 2 -3 “ME” nights a week so I having time to wind down alone lately. Plus we both discussed tonight how it was kind of cool to just hang out and go separately – like we are being very mature or something. I don’t know but it will be even better when the embargo is lifted (the barriers are no more *COUGH COUGH* or congestion). I don’t think it will be until this weekend at the earliest.

Despite being sick, I had a really productive weekend – I cleaned my apartment and I got a new table and chairs. Well they aren’t new – a friend is moving to NYC so I took them off her hands – but they are new to me. And for the first time ever, I have my own table and chairs to eat meals on. One of the legs on the table is missing a foot pad thing but it’s nothing a piece of cardboard can’t handle, for now!

It’s amazing how a piece of furniture changes an apartment, I feel a lot more at home and sort of official. Despite this being my 3rd place by myself, I now feel official. We had our first meal at the table tonight – pancakes and turkey sausage. Dinner of champions.

I’m nervous as hell now about these grad applications. I guess I’ve always been nervous but it was fear of not doing, now it’s fear of rejection. I have one down and sent out. Four more to go. But I didn’t get any grad assistantships from the first one so I feel like maybe my essays totally suck or that no one wants a 29 year old career changer and it’s only a field for undergrads. So that’s tripping me up. I also wasted a shit load of time worrying all fall and now it’s crunch time. So I guess I will just plow through them and I’ll wait to see what happens. It sucks when you finally commit to making a life change but it’s not up to you to see if the switch gets turned on to that life change.

Valentine’s Day crept up on me this year, I’m glad. I definitely have an aversion to the holiday, especially after working in marketing/advertising for so long I can see the method behind the madness. I hated it while I single for 26 years. But once I started dating BF I looked forward to the first one we spent together, (technically our second one together but that’s a long story) although we had similar feelings being anti-corporate and all. We bought each other nice cards, thoughtful declarations written in them and he got me a box of those mini-hearts. It was nice, not too flashy but not “Damn the Man” either.

This year, it’s on a Wednesday, so we are just doing what we do every Wednesday “date night” – watch Lost and order in. We decided not to spend any money either so we are making our own cards.


“Yeah lady, it’s perfect. Bring some chips.”


now I’m sick!

I love life! (but I also love being home!)

If I could figure out how to use this time productively, I’d be golden. GOLDEN.

– America’s Next Top Model mega-marathons are funnnnnn – especially if you’ve never seem them before.
– However, I could do without Tyra Banks. Bo-RING!
– While I love Breaking News special reports there are a couple I could do without, Pres Ford’s funeral and announcing the Calif. delegation that will escort Nancy Pelosi back in to the Chamber are an example
– Nyquil is goooooooooooood.
– Theraflu is gooooooooood.
– If your work happens to call you FOUR times while you are sleeping, return their message. Once they hear your voice, apparently any doubt they had that you were in fact faking, is erased and they may even push you into staying home tomorrow too.
– Boyfriends suddenly remember things like your favorite ice cream and bring it over to you, who cares if you are avoiding dairy!
– The FCC standards TV Warnings have a large strike zone. Every episode of ‘The L Word” shows the warning – Brief Nudity. If THAT is Brief Nudity, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.
– Little neighborhood convenient stores are a TOTAL ripoff when it comes to soup and orange juice. You would think they could afford better lighting with that mark up.
– Tonsils are actually filters, and when there is a lot of phelgm, it swells, hence swollen glands
(this helpful medical fact comes from boyfriend, so I’m not sure I believe it but it sounded reliable)
– It is interesting that the most clarity I’ve gotten about my life decisions came when I was too sick to eat and under the influence of cold medicine.


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