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My top choice just called with an offer of admission complete with an assistantship in one of my TOP choices.

I am in awe and shock otherwise this post would be about how things do happen if only you let him – and work for it. (probably one will come in the future).

My entire degree will be paid for and in one year.

My offer will be e-mailed and I have until Tuesday to decide.

I am 3 for 3 with grad schools. What the hell was I so scared about?!

Hello, Indiana.


*So last night, I bawled. Grey’s Anatomy. It’s routine. But I didn’t expect it. I HATED this ferry boat 3 episode arc. I find Meredith to be whiny and was kind of happy she was underwater. I felt they dragged it out. It was worth it. It was worth it to get the grief that came out of the actors. I called it that her mom would die and they would get closure, although shouldn’t that be the series finale, not in the middle of Season 3? I dunno. I’m not a writer, obviously. But the last three Thursdays were worth it for that brief moment of Denny and Izzie standing next to each other. OMG. I already had tears on my cheeks but I choked a little (you know when you’ve been crying but it’s kind of like a new cry, I imagine it like a dam breaking and you convulse a little. anyone?). It was so worth it.

*I’ve been accepted to my first graduate school – not the program, but the school, which means now the program can look at me. Good thing because I’m driving 6 hours tonight to interview this weekend.

*I made a kick ass CD for my road trip. I listened to it on my way to work this morning. I broke the rules.

*Dear God, I know there are plans for a winter storm this weekend. Do you think you could delay it or at least spare the roads I’m driving on? Better yet, just have snow. I’m cool with snow, but not ice. Thanks so much! Greenleaf gal

*Is it 5:00 yet?


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