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Last night, in attempt to get the recommended amount of sleep, I got into bed at 9:30pm. Honestly, this wasn’t an exercise to go to bed earlier as it was to force myself to make some headway on my Book Club’s book I have to finish by next week.

However, I did fall asleep much earlier than normal. Considering yesterday’s  sabotage waking up, I was actually excited drifting off to sleep. I knew I would have no problem getting up.

Until I woke back up about 4am (note: I had not quite 6 hours of sleep by this point, which is my usual – horrible, I know- so I’m now wondering if maybe my body just wants 5.75 hours of sleep?!). It was a wide awake type of deal. I was pissed. Here I am, trying to be responsible, FORCING myself to go to bed early so I can get more sleep, and I lie awake as can be at 4am. My cat was thrilled, by the way, I think she spends half the night watching me just waiting for me to wake up.

No, I’m getting 8 hours of sleep, if it kills me. That was my attitude. So I lie back down and close my eyes and try to think of nothingness so I can fall back asleep.

Which would have worked PERFECTLY except my brain? My brain’s idea of “okay, let’s relax and calm down and think of nothing until you drift off…. zzzzz” is actually to start a constant refrain of Eddie Murphy’s hit and only and HORRIBLE single Party All the Time on a loop in my head. For an HOUR.

It was horrifying.

And I only have myself to blame. Because I love sentence fragments and Vh1 commentary shows like the one I watched for a bit this weekend, Black to the Future. In which they spent a great deal of time making fun of Eddie Murphy’s Party All the Time. And I laughed a lot.

Guess Dr. Dolittle’s got the last laugh now.


I’ll confess, I had read some spoilers about The Bachelor last week so I had an idea of what might go down last night on the finale.

What I wasn’t prepared for was how fake it all seemed and looked. I have been on the couch across from a man, who I LOVED and LOVED and had been thinking about since New Zealand we met and patiently waited for him to get his head out of his ass and his life together, who wanted a second chance and gave it to him. That second chance also led him to eventually reinsert head into ass and ultimately ask for a third chance, which I did because I loved him and I saw IMPROVEMENT and gave him another year and half before head entered ass once again because it loves it there. More than me. It can stay there because that’s where I draw the line. It would be a fourth time if he had it his way but here’s what I learned: If he’s not ready with you, it doesn’t mean he won’t ever be ready because he probably will, but he’ll NEVER be ready WITH you. You served your purpose in his life and I bet if you look close enough you’ll find the purpose he served in yours.

So, on theory and by experience I hate what went down only because I think it sends the wrong message. Totally my opinion, which since it’s my blog, you’ll find a lot of them here. However, what I LOVED last night was the mass chaos of reaction it caused on facebook. I bet if you could bottle up all the emotion and fury in the typing and commenting and opinions of the show last night exerted on facebook, you could power some little town in Iowa. Or something. I don’t know but I do know it made me laugh. lotssssssssss.

Then I got a text from a grad school friend, who is stuck up her own ass in many developmental (I don’t mean she’s slow, I mean she’s immature and can’t challenge herself to get past it) ways, that said: “I am older than both Molly and Melissa (the final two contestants on the Bach). I am doomed”. So I didn’t try to help her see it from a different perspective, as I should have rather I decided to pour myself another glass of champagne (what? it’s a historical thing with me and The Bach, I can’t help it)

And also, I should probably make yesterday’s pubic mistake more often, as the internet LOVED that post yesterday! No fun search engine terms resulted from it though. Boo.

Ah, Oscars.  Although I look forward to his drunkard uncle, the Golden Globes, the most during awards season, I have to say I always enjoy the hell out of Oscar Day. From the red carpet until the never ending broadcast (and in past years, when I apparently didn’t require any sleep to function, the after party broadcast on E!).

I was actually impressed with this year’s broadcast. Although it was really long, I didn’t notice how long it had gone on until Jerry Lewis came up to get his humanitarian award and it was nearly 10pm. I loved Hugh Jackman more than I thought I would, although every year I wish Jon Stewart would be involved at some point.

More thoughts, some with pictures – get excited!

  • First of all, can Ryan Seacrest finally decide that working 10 jobs just isn’t working out and drop out of the Red Carpet coverage altogether? I think I ended up pouring myself a drink earlier than planned just to suffer through him. Anyway, my suggestion – Tim Gunn. He’s awesome. And after I saw and heard him right before the awards started I was so, so, so sad I wasted those hours with E! when Tim Gunn in 15 minutes did the job.
  • If Seacrest doesn’t leave, can he at least go through some sort of diversity sensitivity training course or something? Take for example, his interview with little kids from Slumdog Millionaire, some of which could not speak English and some who were just in shock, from I don’t know, maybe leaving Mumbai for the first time EVER and flying on a plane… Anyway, it was beyond awkward especially when he kept trying to ask the littles questions and he realized they didn’t speak English, he even called for a translator, before he spoke to the little girl in the blue dress who answered him back, and he says “She speaks GOOD English!!!!”. He also jokingly asked the kids if they brought their wife or husband along. I wonder if I was the only one who was like “Um, hello Arranged Marriages. Ouch.”
  • If your hot and very stylish boyfriend, finds you attractive in this:


You might be the HOTTEST WOMAN EVER. Don’t think Justin didn’t give her once over, and if he approved of this thing , then he wasn’t looking at the dress. I mean, really. Look at her face, she knows the dress is bad.

  • On the flip side, the award for making me feel like life is not fair belongs to:


Not only did she go to Harvard, graduate AND get published while there, she is hot and wears this dress like it was her job. And she dated Gael Garcia Bernal. I mean, thanks Natalie Portman. My life sucks.

While on that note:


Tilda Swinton, thanks for making me feel like I’ve got something going on. There are so many things I want to say here, but I won’t.

  • Jennifer Aniston, poise and class are always the best revenge. Even if they* are sitting in the front row and even if you have to be the babysitter to Jack Black and the lame dialogue written for you both. Well done. I would have been doing shots before I walked out on that stage. Related: Is it me or does John Mayer have the biggest head/face ever?


  • I know this is running long so I’m trying to wrap this up (see what I did there?! ha!)  but I have to say this: Danny Boyle has been my favorite director for the last 3 years ever since I saw his last movie before SM, Millions. To say Millions is a masterpiece is the understatement of the year (It also might be crap seeing as though it’s just my opinion).  It is the most beautiful, heartbreaking, and inspirational movie I’ve ever seen.  Everyone should see it. I hope I don’t build it up too much and then people don’t get it. Because people should get it. You can see understand why Boyle made Slumdog Millionaire. After I watched Millions for the first time and declared it to be my favorite movie of all time, I also declared Danny Boyle a genius (little did I know he had also done Transpotting). Anyway, I adore, adore, ADORE (in the Smashing Pumpkins sense as well) him. I was thrilled when he won.

Then I read this on facebook:

[redacted] thinks Danny Boyle looks like Timmy from “South Park”. I can’t help it!




I’m sorry but how cute are *they* – bradgelina

So there is this awesome and amazing series running on VH1 very randomly called ‘The Drug Years’. It chronicles the last 45 years of drugs in America and it’s impact on us culturally, criminally, economically, etc.

It’s just bloody brilliant. I have a penchant for things drugs – probably because if I did any my body would completely shut down. I loved ‘Go Ask Alice’ and I’m fascinated with addiction.

I saw it on a random lazy weekend in July and then two weekends ago it was on again. This time I recorded it. R and I watched it three days later. Even he loved it, and he hates docs.

I’m so excited because one of the commentators of the show, Martin Torgoff, wrote a book called ‘Can’t Find My Way Home: America in the Great Stoned Age 1945 – 2000.’

I found the book online and ordered it. It arrived yesterday!! I started the first chapter on the train this morning and although I’m only 10 pages in, it’s unbelievably good.

I also highly recommend the book ‘Laurel Canyon’. It documents the “magical time” of 1967 with the outshoot of folk rock, the advent of rock and the requisite drugs and sex that go along with it in the neighborhood of Laurel Canyon in LA. Lots of interviews with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Mama Cass, Frank Zappa, Pete Townshend all of whom lived in this really close knit utopian neighborhood during this time. It is one of the best non fiction books I’ve read.

But this new one may top it.

My top choice just called with an offer of admission complete with an assistantship in one of my TOP choices.

I am in awe and shock otherwise this post would be about how things do happen if only you let him – and work for it. (probably one will come in the future).

My entire degree will be paid for and in one year.

My offer will be e-mailed and I have until Tuesday to decide.

I am 3 for 3 with grad schools. What the hell was I so scared about?!

Hello, Indiana.

*So last night, I bawled. Grey’s Anatomy. It’s routine. But I didn’t expect it. I HATED this ferry boat 3 episode arc. I find Meredith to be whiny and was kind of happy she was underwater. I felt they dragged it out. It was worth it. It was worth it to get the grief that came out of the actors. I called it that her mom would die and they would get closure, although shouldn’t that be the series finale, not in the middle of Season 3? I dunno. I’m not a writer, obviously. But the last three Thursdays were worth it for that brief moment of Denny and Izzie standing next to each other. OMG. I already had tears on my cheeks but I choked a little (you know when you’ve been crying but it’s kind of like a new cry, I imagine it like a dam breaking and you convulse a little. anyone?). It was so worth it.

*I’ve been accepted to my first graduate school – not the program, but the school, which means now the program can look at me. Good thing because I’m driving 6 hours tonight to interview this weekend.

*I made a kick ass CD for my road trip. I listened to it on my way to work this morning. I broke the rules.

*Dear God, I know there are plans for a winter storm this weekend. Do you think you could delay it or at least spare the roads I’m driving on? Better yet, just have snow. I’m cool with snow, but not ice. Thanks so much! Greenleaf gal

*Is it 5:00 yet?


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