Life is Busting out ALL Over!


Hi. Um, this is awkward, normally I’d ask you about yourself rather than prattle on about me. But since you clicked this link and all, I guess I should start. A lot has changed since I started this here blog.

Then: I’m turning 30, starting over in graduate school for the “real career” I’d always wanted, in a long term long distance relationship. Moved from the big city to cornfields. Will start looking for jobs that may take me away from the place I call home (midwest). Too many unknowns for my capricorn, oldest child, type A liking.

Now: Almost 31 (which is FAR, FAR, scarier than turning 30, I don’t know why). Got the masters, starting a new career I’ve always wanted. Broke up (or got dumped, either way it was a good thing) with the long term relationship. New job will take me far away from home… to a foreign country other people call Texas. Solidifying the unknowns which is to my typical capricornian, type A, oldest child liking with enough left open to my creative, innovative and random spontaneous newly formed right brain to still daydream.

My life is like a musical without the pretty dresses, great figure and talent.

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musings and panic attacks of a Chicago girl embarking on a new life in Texas. Only it's not always June and it's not in song.

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