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I would not even check Facebook

Posted on: April 28, 2009

Just a life lesson here: When one has not been getting enough sleep, for what seems like her entire life, and then has a week of really not getting enough sleep, looking at decorating sites and finding something like Exhibit A might bring one to tears:

Exhibit A


OMG. The thickness of that comforter just kills me.

I swear, if this was my bed, I would come home and get right in it and not even check my phone or computer. I think new bedding might now be in the cards for me…


2 Responses to "I would not even check Facebook"

When Sweets and I got married, we returned a bunch of things, added in a gift card and bought a nice, plump comforter. It. Is. Awesome. Thank god for wireless. Otherwise, I wouldn’t check Facebook, either. =)

So where is the comforter in question sold? I seem to have the eternally flattening down one.

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