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Dear Texans,

Posted on: March 11, 2009

Dear Texans,

How are y’all? Isn’t the weather fantastic! I mean, it’s not very Texas, it’s raining after all. But we’re in a drought and droughts are ugly and helps stuff catch on fire and burns acres and well, we need this rain. It’s nice to break up this monotony, it feels coldish and it’s got to feel like winter at somepoint, right? (Well, if winter feels like 42 degrees, which my people would laugh at you but I’m not, I get it).

Anyway, so this rain. We need to talk about it. I get that if there is the “once in every 3 years” ice storm, y’all don’t know how to drive in it. The city shuts down, the schools and my workplace shuts down. Boom, goes the dynamite, game’s over. The city is down for the count. I, for one, would actually like to witness this, just to see what really happens but also having a random day or couple days off work wouldn’t be so horrible. The point has been berated into me: Texans don’t know how to drive in bad weather. Understood.

I don’t know, maybe it’s me and I need to reassess what I deem as “bad weather” now that I’m in the Southwest, or is it the South?? Oh, it’s just Texas?? Okay. So now that I’m in Texas I need to adapt to the fact that the locals never really have had driving experience in “bad weather” and everyone else seems to be transplanted from California, so they don’t know either. Gotcha.

But seriously, it was drizzling this morning and it took me ONE HOUR to get to work. A 25 minute ride in took me ONE HOUR with y’all going about 5 miles an hour, god forbid your brakes weren’t able to react on a wet road. My dear Texans, the same brakes you have on your cars are the same brakes others in South Dakota have on theirs during a Blizzard. They will work fine. I promise you. Unless they are really broken and need repair, and then well, you are on your own for that one.

I think if we all work together to get past this mental block about driving in anything but sunny weather, we can make this experience a pleasant one for all of us. Besides, you don’t want the rest of the country to think y’all are illequipped in ANY category, would you? I mean, this is Texas, the same Texas that was its’ own country at one point and can be again?!* Right?? It’s no big deal and I ain’t mad at y’all. I am mad at leaving 3 of my coats and 2 umbrellas in my office so now my hair is a hot mess, but that’s not your fault.



*Total urban myth, Texas lost all chance of being its’ own republic when it joined the Union, but you wouldn’t know it by the way people talk about it around here.


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