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Daylight Savings is a thief

Posted on: March 9, 2009

Not only did he steal an extra hour, which I normally don’t realize is important and therefore have never really cared missed (as opposed to hours wasted in long horrible movies, months in a stupid dumb ass relationship, or years worshipping a superficial ideal –  I get how those are wasted, but one hour, puhlease, I waste time in one hour increments constantly!!) but I think he stole my cheery deposition, my regal looks and definitely my affinity for being awake during the day (not even peppermints – nature’s own caffeine!! – are working).

He may have also stole the electricity to my alarm clock therefore not waking me at my agreed upon time but rather when Daylight Savings Time fricking felt like it!!!! Which is also the same time I have to LEAVE for work.

I mean, really. What do you want from me, DST??

To be super famous and anthromorphized like these guys:


Sorry, DST. I quit the ad biz awhile back. If you’d come around more than once a year and not skip the time I lived in Indiana, you’d know that.

I mean, it’s got to be your vendetta against me, there’s no way I could have possibly have forgotten to turn on my alarm last night, even after I shuddered thinking, Man, that would so SUCK if I woke up at 7:30, and double checked it??! I mean, I think I double checked my alarm? Nope. Everyone else says it’s you, Daylight Savings, so I’m going with it. Because I am nothing, if not  a sucker for lame excuses, a follower, an absolute “with-it” and “together” person, having a sh**ty Monday.


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