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So apparently some guy on TV changed his mind last night…

Posted on: March 3, 2009

I’ll confess, I had read some spoilers about The Bachelor last week so I had an idea of what might go down last night on the finale.

What I wasn’t prepared for was how fake it all seemed and looked. I have been on the couch across from a man, who I LOVED and LOVED and had been thinking about since New Zealand we met and patiently waited for him to get his head out of his ass and his life together, who wanted a second chance and gave it to him. That second chance also led him to eventually reinsert head into ass and ultimately ask for a third chance, which I did because I loved him and I saw IMPROVEMENT and gave him another year and half before head entered ass once again because it loves it there. More than me. It can stay there because that’s where I draw the line. It would be a fourth time if he had it his way but here’s what I learned: If he’s not ready with you, it doesn’t mean he won’t ever be ready because he probably will, but he’ll NEVER be ready WITH you. You served your purpose in his life and I bet if you look close enough you’ll find the purpose he served in yours.

So, on theory and by experience I hate what went down only because I think it sends the wrong message. Totally my opinion, which since it’s my blog, you’ll find a lot of them here. However, what I LOVED last night was the mass chaos of reaction it caused on facebook. I bet if you could bottle up all the emotion and fury in the typing and commenting and opinions of the show last night exerted on facebook, you could power some little town in Iowa. Or something. I don’t know but I do know it made me laugh. lotssssssssss.

Then I got a text from a grad school friend, who is stuck up her own ass in many developmental (I don’t mean she’s slow, I mean she’s immature and can’t challenge herself to get past it) ways, that said: “I am older than both Molly and Melissa (the final two contestants on the Bach). I am doomed”. So I didn’t try to help her see it from a different perspective, as I should have rather I decided to pour myself another glass of champagne (what? it’s a historical thing with me and The Bach, I can’t help it)

And also, I should probably make yesterday’s pubic mistake more often, as the internet LOVED that post yesterday! No fun search engine terms resulted from it though. Boo.


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