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Dance Party in my brain

Posted on: February 4, 2009

I’m finally on the good side of this nationwide cold/sinus/flu thing everyone seems to have, well within my facebook friends anyway. (god, how sad is that last part)

Sunday, I came down with it, missing a Super Bowl party and one of my only chances to socialize lately. Boo. Monday was death and Tuesday my boss let me sleep in. Random spurts of decongestant during the day and night and constant use of the Neti-Pot got me better.

One of the joys of moving is discovering how much shit you have and how much shit you have, which is no longer valid. I suppose this isn’t a normal issue but since my shit was in storage for four months, the supply of daytime/nightime cold/sinus medicine I had suddenly expired or was near expiration by the time I needed it this week. (and I hate going out and buying that stuff, I know I’ll need it eventually but it’s like once a year and I have a hard time buying single items that are over $10.00 in a grocery store – this I know I’m not alone and not afraid to admit it, I launched a new product – an automatic shower cleaner and it was $25.00. You know who bought it? Not anyone at grocery stores, that’s for sure. Definitely at Target but not at the grocery. Sorry, marketing digression over)

Bottom line: I had only TWO nighttime pills I could take to try to get better. I only take one at a time anyway because taking two makes me feel woozy the next morning.

I took them Sunday and Monday night.

Sunday night I lay down and try to fall asleep but some jackass somewhere in the building was playing techno music, I could feel the beats of the music vibrate through the walls. I could even hear the songs end and a new one start. I tossed and turned and finally fell asleep. But what the hell? 11:30 at night on a Sunday? I hoped someone called them in, I thought about it but forgot the next day.

Monday night I take a pill again and lay down and once AGAIN, that music started up again. I couldn’t remember if I heard it before I went to bed b/c the TV was on and I wasn’t paying attention. But I had just met my upstairs neighbor when I came home from work that night and she is a crazy bird but I couldn’t see her playing that kind of  music. And at 11:30 at night! Jesus.

I couldn’t sleep. I got up to see where the music was coming from, I was pissed. I went into my living room and opened the back door… and I couldn’t hear a thing. They must have turned it off, I thought and I went back to bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow, the *bump, bump, bump* of the music started AGAIN. That’s when I started thinking maybe there wasn’t any music and it was just me. But the pill kicked in and I passed out.

Last night, I ran out of pills but the neti-pot was helping me big time so I wasn’t very stuffy any longer and I felt much better so I didn’t go out and buy anything to help at night.

I put my head down on the pillow, at 11:30, same time as the nights before and NOTHING. No music, nothing. The walls were still, my head was clear. NOTHING.

I realize I should probably wait a couple more nights to confirm this but I am confident that the only dance party going on was in my brain. What the hell is IN that stuff?? And how much fun could I have if I take TWO pills like the directions state???!!

I feel like at any moment, I’ll come home from work and Tyler Durden will be making soap on my kitchen counter.


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