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Super – Bruuuuuuuuuce – Bowl!

Posted on: February 1, 2009

Holy heck! I was so expecting the Super Bowl to follow the advertising trends of Super Bowl Ads of late and be a ho-hum of a game. But it was exciting and I didn’t turn to Puppy Bowl once! Although I am on cold meds and ready to pass out, opting for a quick blog post and deferring The Office until tomorrow. (If this post is wacko, blame the meds, it’s the reason I’ve been calling Kurt Warner, Kirk Warner all night – and by the way was it me or was he REALLY standing close to that sports reporter after the game?)

The real reason I was amped for the Super Bowl tonight was Bruce Springsteen’s halftime performance. I admit, I have a huge crush on The Boss. And while I think he’s aged pretty well, I must say I have a hankering for the dirty, sweaty 1975 Bruce Springsteen. The Born to Run Bruce.

I know it’s a little odd, I’m not in my forties, I didn’t grow up in Jersey, and I wasn’t around or down on my luck when this young man and his friends stole the words and put them in my mouth along with the accompanying piano and horns. I didn’t even know that the band leader on Conan O’Brien was the drummer for the E Street Band until a couple of years ago.

But my love for old time Bruce is strong and it is real, in fact anytime I play the “Three Wishes” game (if you had three wishes right now what would they be? Fun with friends but fun to use as a pick up line for guys in bars, too) one of my wishes is always “To be of legal age in 1975 and be one of Bruce Springsteen’s groupies”. Seriously.

I was trying to find this one picture of him without a shirt and only in jeans to prove my point but I’m tired and doped up and I can’t find it. But I will by god, and I will frame it one day.

These will have to do, might not convince you but I certainly don’t need any convincing:


I was really hoping for Thunder Road tonight but I was more stoked when they opened with Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out. I was really surprised they chose this song, but Bruce likes to do the gentle middle finger every once and in awhile and this was perfect for a mainstream event and his headlining it.

Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out was written for the amazing Born to Run album and written as an F-You to the big record labels (most of them found on 10th ave in NYC) after many didn’t want to sign them unless they got rid of the Clarence Clemons “The Big Man”, the sole black member of the group. Apparently they didn’t think rock would sell with a black saxophonist. Bruce refused, wrote a song about it and the rest is history

bruce2Actually this picture is the original photo for the Born to Run album except the record label cut off The Big Man, only his shoulder is evident in the final album cover.  Pretty awesome that they played that song, in the biggest showcase on TV, and considered by some to be selling out, don’t you think??

My Bruce Springsteen adoration is actually one of the only lasting influences of my past relationship (you know the one that I continually struggle to move on and get over, I highly recommend NOT communicating with them, ladies. I learned the hard way). The Ex was really into Bruce but old Bruce – his influence was the music (my crush on 1975 Bruce was mine, and mine alone). We listened to it non stop and I highly recommend driving down Lake Shore Drive (in nice weather) with the windows down and Born to Run turned way up and singing your hearts out. Do it at night. It’s awesome.

Recently, I’ve been able to get back into Bruce without thinking of the Ex, which is probably one of the best feelings ever. I missed the songs for the hiatus I put them on. Truthfully, I’ll am grateful to the Ex for a lot of things he taught me, the most important being the qualities and needs I KNOW I need in a relationship. But I also wouldn’t ever have cared about Bruce Springsteen or his awesome music without the Ex, so that’s a good thing, too. Although I’m still pissed he kept my copy of the two disc wonder that is Bruce Springsteen Live at Hammersmith Odeon London 1975. Brilliant concert but even better pictures. Jerkwad.


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