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Lions, Tigers, and THUNDERSNOW? Oh my.

Posted on: December 18, 2008

So currently I am in the midst of a very heavy weather day in Chicago. Except it hasn’t happened yet.

If one had just moved here from regions unfamiliar with winter weather, one might be calling their loved ones to tell them how much they love them and to pray for them. If one listened to the weather forecast or their co-workers, they’d be convinced they are headed right into the barrel of the STORM OF THE CENTURY and just hope that they live through it.

That’s how much this thing has been hyped up.

Frankly, I’m a little suprised. Chicagoans are sort of used to this: really BIG DEAL weather headed our way and then in reality it’s 2 inches, totally managable, and yes, you still have to go into work. So typically there is cynicism in regards to this.


It seems like today has created the perfect storm (pun intended) of weather in the news lead offs, anticipation and THUNDERSNOW. I’m going to speak to the best first – THUNDERSNOW apparently is a real meteorological phenomenon wherein it’s a thunderstorm but with snow. I personally think it’s tabloid weather forecasting but I’m psyched to hear/see it.

The second most important thing. Anticipation. This big storm was predicted to hit at 3pm with a Winter Storm Warning, then it was 5pm, then 7pm, then 9pm and now 11pm.

All of my Chicago friends on facebook can do is post statuses about the weather (and THUNDERSNOW – as an aside, I think THUNDERSNOW should always be in caps. Dramatic effect). I think everyone really just wants a Snow Day, these so rarely happen here.

So the anticipation, the non stop talk about the weather and THUNDERSNOW is either going to make everyone really happy tomorrow or really pissed.

And I’ll stay awake a little bit longer tonight, to hear the thunder and see the snow and maybe a Unicorn that will fly past my window (they can fly right? I mean if they are that mythical, they should be able to).

It’s currently 66 degrees in my new locale, winter will soon fade into memory. It will occur only on visits home, when I can’t take the cold and will vocally state “I don’t know how I lived through winter here”.

I certainly don’t want to miss THIS.


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