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Reasons why it might appear I’m 80 and my room is ready at the old folks home:

Posted on: December 14, 2008

I’ve reflected on things I’ve done this weekend that might give off the impression that I’m elderly:

  • Fully obsessed with Sodoku. My mom loves it and I’ve found it to be soothing to take one of her Sodoku books and play a couple games in the evening
  • Watched 60 minutes
  • Repeatedly said “Oh my!” and “Well, isn’t that a shame?” on several occasions appropriate to conversation, whereas had I shown my true age, “Holy Shit!” and “That sucks” would have been used.
  • Worn a handmade afghan around the house.
  • Also, house slippers
  • Drank a Manhattan
  • cooked a pot roast

And I loved every minute of it. If it wasn’t my recent addiction to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia it would be hard to believe I’m going to be a sprite 31 in a few weeks, right?


1 Response to "Reasons why it might appear I’m 80 and my room is ready at the old folks home:"

Signs I’m older than you:

I nodded at every one of your list items, but don’t know how to cook a pot roast, so you got me there

I read this while watching HGTV in the background, which may not make me old, but makes me pathetic

I said “bless your heart” in a text last night, and since it was a text, maybe that saves me?

I swore for about 15 minutes last night that someone was staring at me from the building across the way and it turns out that someone? Was an unlit Christmas tree.

I get it. Trust me, it is 10:39 and I’m beat.

We’re old. Moving on.

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