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Really big news day

Posted on: December 9, 2008

So I don’t want to lament on my state’s fair governor being brought up on federal charges for lots of illegal stuff, not to mention the gov before him? Sitting in jail. Those political machines in Louisiana never had anything on Illinois, I’m afraid. But a couple thoughts from a day, when it truly felt like the world was revolving around Chicago:

1. I am SO thankful that this all went down AFTER November 4th. Because the cloud that hangs over Chicago politicians just became bigger, darker and menacing. I bet McCain is pissed this didn’t go down when it could have helped him.

2. There’s a lot of rumbling about Mayor Daley on the social media front whether or not he’s next. And while I admire Daley’s efforts to truly put Chicago on the map, which has transformed the city (it was such a different place and had far different attitudes about it before he was in office), I do recognize the Chicago machine. Even though he’s stayed clean while some of his staff have been indicted, Daley is far craftier and smarter than G-Rod could ever dream of being. I don’t worry about him in the least.

All of that being said, I would LOVE to see that Daley wrath, should this fiasco kill the 2016 bid. Bringing the Olympics to Chicago is Daley’s baby, despite many Chicagoans’ concerns,  and probably will be his legacy. Hell hath no fury like a Daley scorned.

Finally, there was news that made me happy today. The possiblity of a Full House remake!!!!!!!! The staple of my formative years coming back, AND John Stamos on board. Holy hell YES!

Groundbreaking stuff.


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