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Facebook Hell.

Posted on: December 2, 2008

So yay Facebook. Now that it’s more popular with people out of college than in college, the whole reason it was invented in the first place, it’s been fun to reconnect with old, lost friends. I hope it replaces high school reunions in the future.

But now I’m having an issue with an inappropriate commenter on my wall, over everything I fricking do. She’s my cousin, well actually step-cousin? I don’t know how that works. My aunt married her dad, and he had her and her brother from a previous marriage. My aunt has since divorced her husband, my cousin’s father. His name is Uncle Dick – why he couldn’t go by Richard or Rich, I don’t know but Dick actually describes him quite well. He was the weird Uncle that made really inappropriate comments all the time to me and my sister as kids. Stuff that he thinks is funny but actually gross. And he was the King of back handed compliments. He went to Notre Dame and is responsible for my distaste for ND, although living in Chicago in the 80s when you would have though ND was actually IN Chicago, because that’s how much people were obsessed with it, also played a role. But he got the hatred going for me.

Anyway, said cousin joined facebook awhile back and friended me. Yay! But seriously. All she does is leave stupid ass comments on my wall that are just embarrassing. She’s turning into her father. We had fun growing up and doing goofy things when I saw her once a year. But since I left for college, I have seen her probably twice, the last time I saw her was in 2004 for my grandma’s funeral. I don’t really know her, know her. We’re not BFF. And even though she’s not connected to my family after the divorce, she’s still family, cousin, whatever. Our only connections, over the years, have been the equally as dumb email forwards I get from her.

She sends me pieces of Flair like every other day and it’s dumb stuff like “My cousin has the coolest cousin” (and about 10 different renditions of that) and “Let’s just appear like a nice normal family”. Yesterday she sent me one of a naked man with strategically placed mistletoe AND one that says “I have to choose my words carefully else it sounds perverted”. I mean COME ON. She’s 33 years old!!!! Seriously!

Flair is nice because I can choose what I want or what people send me and put on there and I totally have forgotten about it anyway. But yesterday one of my dearest friends, who’s been a little shy on fb posted pics of her toddler. There was one picture of the baby dressed in an argyle sweater, tweed jacket and tweed pants. Seriously he’s adorable anyway but in this picture he was beyond, beyond adorable. So like a good friend, I commented on the adorableness of said tweed baby.

And because I commented on it, the pic and my comment goes on my wall. This morning my cousin sends me a wall message that is like “Hey, that picture of [redacted – my friend]’s baby is the the most adorable 80 year old MAN ever!!!!!!!” (with a million more exclamation points). Okay, great, now my friend will read that and she is shy to begin with about posting stuff of fb – and that’s just a stupid comment. My cousin pretty much insulted the cutest baby ever!

I realize after posting all this, that this is incredibly lame and but there is only so much I can delete in a day and I don’t want to be rude AND I don’t want to have to police facebook all the g.d. time.

Am I the only one who has an inappropriate facebook friend/constant commenter???


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