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would be to recognize the value of education through quality of the opportunities and by those who lead/teach/mentor.

While randomly job searching through university positions today, I come across a position which requires a Master’s degree plus 3 years direct experience or preferred PhD with 5 years direct experience. This position pays a whopping $31,000 a year. ‘Cause that will makeĀ  dent in your student loans.

Money is not everything to me, which is why I changed my corporate America career to higher education, but it steams me that those who are in a position to positively influence the future of this country, and perhaps are directly in a place to improve it, are not compensated enough to even cover the cost of getting there in the first place and stay afloat.

It’s also quite possible that I’ve been watching way too much CNN and will explode if I hear the golden parachute discussion again.



musings and panic attacks of a Chicago girl embarking on a new life in Texas. Only it's not always June and it's not in song.

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