Life is Busting out ALL Over!

Trying to pass the time while waiting for the debates

Posted on: September 26, 2008

OMG. I canNOT wait for the debates!! I have been salivating for it. This has been quite a week in this country, my goodness.

Honestly, I am so thankful for this election right now, I’m so pre-occupied with reading and researching and CNNing it, that I don’t have time or care to wallow in self pity that is my life right now. Although, I haven’t quit job searching or interviewing, my priorities are not that far out of whack.

Anyway, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned but I’m pretty far behind as trends go. My wardrobe is full of basic staples. I got Uggs as a gift in 2006, long after they were popular. Music that is mainstream and popular RIGHT NOW, I won’t know about it until 6 months or a year from now. Having said that, I pride myself on being on trend when it comes to television. TV and I have a bond and it is cultivated with up to the minute awareness of shows like LOST, 24, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Friday Night Lights, Rock of Love 2,000 with Bret Michaels. All of which, I jumped on the bandwagon pretty early and never had to do catch up.

However, thanks to these awesome online streaming video sites, I’ve been able to catch up to shows I had heard about but had NO IDEA the awesomeness in which they contain. I am specifically referring to the awesomeness known as Veronica Mars and The O.C.


Well, I guess that’s a pretty easy answer. I dated/practically lived with a man who didn’t care for awesomeness (although I do distinctly remember a time he made me watch the last half of The O.C. so he could watch the latest trailer of Star Wars 3: The Revenge of the Sith – yes, there are seriously people like this in the world and I loved one of them).

The good news is that the lack of appreciation for the awesome is gone from my life so I am able to focus only on The Awesome. I have finished the first seasons of both of those shows, and am patiently waiting for the sites to post the second seasons so I can continue to watch awesome for free. But I also know that my time with Veronica and with Seth Cohen is going to come to an end, which is SO lame.

It also might be note worthy that usually my choice of Awesome means death to the shows. They don’t last long, if at all. I get excited and inspired and then disappointed as I have to file them away in my Angela Chase file of awesome characters never to be seen again.

But holy hell, I’ve never seen Southern California so appealing in my life, and *that* is the kind of level of awesome I’m dealing with here, people.

Over the next couple of months, my life will change as I get a job and move on with my life, but I am confident that The Awesome and the search for The Awesome will remain.

And that is exactly the kind of life I want to live.


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