Life is Busting out ALL Over!

I am ready

Posted on: September 19, 2008

Today I think I’ve reached the point the universe has been pushing and prodding me to reach.

After a quasi-emotional day, in which I let myself feel every emotion possible and really listen to it – hopefully my once a month allotment of crying too – I feel ready to:

– Start my career, with a job and the aches and pains and longing for the weekend that a not-so perfect but just right for right now job can bring

– Move out into a smaller than I’m used to but still just my own apartment

– Curse the city of Chicago for stupid things like parking tickets, slow tracks on the L and smelly people

– wishing I had just a little bit more money to buy something fancy but thankful I have just enough

– a refridgerator with the food I bought and I chose and that I don’t have to pick around because I would have fixed something else

– a me night full of bubble baths, a good book and a great glass of wine

– messy coffee tables with bills that should have been filed and take out menus

– a new routine in a new place with a new gym on a new campus

– old friends with in walking or L distance, perfect for a meet up for breakfast or drinks after work

– putting myself out there and risking new dates ending hilarious stories or just ending my dating forever

– a new experience with butterflies that feel me with anxious but elated feelings and excitement to see him again

– walking out the door on the way to work, thinking “I can’t believe I get to do this in my life. I’m finally here.” like I did the first day of college walking to class and again the first time I moved into the city.

I am soooooo ready for all of it. So universe, if your listening, I’m here and I can’t wait so feel free to send along all of it.

Happy Weekend, everyone. Hopefully the Magic Number will be 0 by Monday!! (Please Cubs!)


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