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Posted on: September 16, 2008

I love music. I think I need to put a caveat to this. I love music that moves me. I am not a music snob, in fact I’m sure I have horrible taste. And while I prefer to discover and listen to bands that I cannot find on the radio, I listen to most everything. I have only one criteria: Can I get lost in it?

I love music that transports my mind to my daydreams, or rather dreams, a sense of triumph or goals I want accomplish. You might be saying, dude it’s just a guitar. And you would be, in fact, correct. But I don’t hear that guitar, I hear the steady beat of the drums or maybe the hand claps. I am a beat driven person, if the beat pushes me and accelerates my heart rate, I’m in love.

Now, I’m quite sure that Hollywood and their movie montages set to song has probably ruined me. For when I’m not actually at work, or doing something responsible, and by myself I need the music to illustrate my mood. I am certain that listening to music that moves me during my former work days saved me from either being committed, or telling off someone or just quitting in an irrational fit of quarterlife crisis moods. Whether it was on my CD walkman (2000 – 2005) or ipod (2005 – present), finding those dreams through songs that moved me saved my sanity on the walk to the L, riding the Brown line smushed up against an agitated individual fuming they didn’t get a seat, on my walk to the office dreading what lay before me. It made me a runner actually, motivating me to just want to move my ass and get lost in my thoughts. It guided my long walks to undiscovered neighborhoods where I eventually moved. When I trained for a half marathon and found out our group runs forbid headphones, I thought my world would end. (It didn’t but running 12 miles without pacing my steps to drums sucked)

The secret to most of the music I adore the most is the inclusion of Strings. I flipping love strings and I wasn’t even in orchestra in school. (I played the saxophone, long story and it did nothing for me other than teach me how to cheat) Honestly, I think strings add SO MUCH to songs, that and hand claps but that’s pretty rare. I get so excited by strings that when I heard Metallica did a CD with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, I HAD to have have it, and I don’t even like Metallica and this was even post – Napster.

This last month being home as been hard, I’m sure you can tell that. I’m trying to stay strong and positive, but it is draining every ounce of out me. I had made a goal that I was going to get back on the exercise track and train myself to start running. Between just not wanting to do it and my lack of exciting music, that plan has gone by the way side. Until tonight. I’ve been making a list of songs that I wanted to download but on my continual unemployment binge, I’m about as frugal as Scrooge.

I have recently discovered a group called Vitamin Strings Quartet that has forced me to download a bunch of stuff. They are a group out of Vitamin Records and have recorded instrumental versions of a bazillion songs. Guns ‘n Roses? Foo Fighters? Journey? Flipping ENTER SANDMAN with a volin and cello?? HOLY HELL. Sign me up. It is so awesome that I immediately started making a mental list of songs I’d play during dinner at my wedding and the entrance song (What? Is this Another One Bites the Dust?? But it’s so pretty?!) and I am completely SINGLE and currently on track to be crazy cat lady for life. Honest. It does something to me.

The song that did me in is the VSQ’s cover of Paramore’s Hallelujah. I first heard it on this season’s So You Think You Can Dance‘s Top 4 dance (What? I said I listen to everything, also I watch everything and now I want Mia Michaels, choreographer, to be my best friend):

I will be out tomorrow, daydreaming and visualizing my future to the tunes of VSQ.


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