Life is Busting out ALL Over!

An epilogue for now

Posted on: September 4, 2008

So my postive mental strength for yesterday’s shopping experience did not help. It was horrible, awful, crying in the dressing room type of experience.

I am looking for suits, suits that flatter me, to be specific. That is very difficult as my pant size is one size smaller than the jacket size (flipping boobs!). Also, I’m sort of in between sizes that are definitely on the higher end of the size scale that stores have sporadically.  In the end I ended up getting a great blouse to go with an existing suit set I already own, and is not horrible.

In the end, I did learn a lot. My sister is a stylist by trade, fashion in knowledge. It pretty much felt like I was in my very own episode of What Not to Wear, but the Guantanamo torture version. Lots of phrases like, “gives you a clean line”, “brings the eyes up”, “if the pockets pull, it’s too tight” were used.

I did learn a lot about fit and what should fit right on you goes beyond just being able to button and zip it up. Fit does not equal fit. I was very appreciative of my sister and her expertise, even if my freak of nature body made her just as frustrated not to find the perfect fit, as she hopes to one day to open her own business doing exactly that for normal and freak of nature people.

I will not lie and say I was strong and rational throughout yesterday’s excursion. I was for a while and then as it got later, and we got tired, and I felt crampy, I basically lost it. I reeled it in on the drive home though and put it in perspective. It is what it is. I cannot change anything right this very instant but I can become more proactive starting now. I tried everything on today, and it looks great and I feel great and comfortable in it, even if I were to find the perfect fit or the perfect body, that feeling is all I could ever hope for.


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