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It’s the little things…

Posted on: August 27, 2008

So I conveniently went out to my car to look for something in my trunk when the mailman pulled up. He stopped right at me, rather than going to the mailbox and gave me my mail. I used to love running out to the get the mail when I was a kid, so I was already nostalgic.

Then he says to me as he’s sorting for our mail: “Are you enjoying being home?!”

I said something automatic to this response nowadays, implying that I’m interviewing and that it’s nice that I had the chance to come back.

But in my mind was NOT the thought, How the hell does he know this? (although that was next), but rather Wow, I guess mailpeople are really friendly and get to know their people.

It’s amazing how much living in the city has numbed me to everyday activities and such. Kind of like when I got to Indiana and saw houses foreclosed, when all I had seen in Chicago was raising of condos and homeless people for years on end.

It’s nice to be reminded of community, even if this is only temporary.

Also, I have an interview in 45 minutes for a job, I really, really, REALLY WANT. And I have to do a presentation over the phone. I like presentations but over the phone doesn’t quite pack the punch. Still, I’ve been picking out apartments I like in that city super confident for the two weeks leading up to this, but all of a sudden the nerves have KICKED in. Whoa.

Yesterday I was procrastinating and found two cassette tapes in my closet. Both blank tape, one with no writing on it and the other with big letters that said RADIO = MUSIC.

The first tape was basically me reading books aloud (we used to tape record ourselves a lot, especially making prank phone calls (??) ). I know this because at the end I say “Thank you for joining me for story hour”. The tape is quite disturbing. I was a fast talker from the womb, apparently, because you can not understand it at ALL. Really, it doesn’t sound like English even. I have a New York accent despite that not being one of the 4 states I lived in as a kid. and I have a speech impediment. “Thank you vewwree much.” I think I was around 7 or 8.

But the BEST, the BEST is what I recorded over the beginning of story hour. It was Christmas Eve and I was in 5th grade (I know this because I repeated it over and over).

I remember my dad had one of those pocket tape recorders, like Jason Seaver on Growing Pains that he would speak into after he met with patients. It is clear that I used this because I was running all over the house, and a boombox would have been way noticable.

Caught on tape:

– My mom yelling at me to wear a dress (Christmas eve mass, I assume?)

– Me yelling at her that I hated wearing dresses

– Mom yelling more and realizing I could capture this on tape and then document it, I provoked her more.

– Me going through my closet trying to find a different dress to wear

– Me stating that my sister loved when I “beatboxed”

– “Beatboxing” – which just sounds like a lot of spit got on the recorder

– Star wars soundtrack in the background and my analysis of it: “As you can see, there were a lot of violins in this piece and uh…. other stuff”

– Finally this literally is on the tape:

5th grade Me: “Okay, well now I have to go to the bathroom”

5th G Me: “let’s go to the bathroom, shall we?”

5th G Me: “Just have to take off these pants” [with the sound of the zipper in the background] (Also, I somehow managed not to wear a dress!)


5th G Me: “Do you hear that?? I’m going pee! Okay?!”


What in the hell?? Who AM I?? No wonder my teenage years were so god awful, holy hell!

My friends want me to post the recording on facebook. Not even if I knew how the heck to do that, would I ever. OMG.


1 Response to "It’s the little things…"

Oh, those kinds of memories are priceless. Because we always feel better we turned out so good knowing our potential! hahaha.

Good luck with your interview!

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