Life is Busting out ALL Over!

Typical Tuesday

Posted on: August 12, 2008

It’s typical that even though I’ve been told, I should enjoy my “time off”, it is really my cat who is lapping up the relaxation and the new surroundings. My parents have a fairly secure screened in back porch. It’s actually quite nice but I say “fairly” because my dad built it and although his skills have lasted over time in this house, the deck he built with my 6 year old help is now sort of sinking into the ground, so you just never know.

But Savannah is in cat heaven, she can wander out here and look at all the trees and the chipmunks and birds and the dogs next door, hear the sounds of crickets and birds and really not have to worry about actually being outside. I’ve been worried about ticks or some bug infestation on her fur, but the parents sprayed down the porch, and they are right, there really isn’t anything out here.

The weather has been so nice that we’ve opened up the house including leaving the screen door open to the porch so she can wander in and out of the house as she pleases. I truly think I’m creating a monster. No matter where we end up moving it will not be as nice for her as this.

Oh well…

Here’s the lady of leisure enjoying her new space:

It’s also typical that after months of crafting the perfect cover letter and not sweating it, I’ve decided I need to refresh it and am stumped. ARGH. Cover letters are seriously the death of me.

But, I’m also sitting on my back porch with a nice glass of lemonade enjoying this awesome weather and wireless along side the lady of leisure, so I guess I really shouldn’t complain.


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