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Maybe they should change “In God we Trust” to “That’s Hot”

Posted on: August 6, 2008

Okay, so I’m sucking it up on my typical Tuesday and random Friday posts but whatever. I’m sure you guys have heard the craziness that has come from McCain’s ridiculous ad comparing Obama to Paris Hilton.

First of all, McCain needs to fire his marketing strategist. They keep coming up with these ads that ultimately paints Obama in a REALLY good light. Like, crowds of people hearing him speak, images of Barack looking presidential and powerful. I actually think that the ad does more for Obama than the harm it intended. Everyone knows celebrities like Britney and Paris and plastic and vapid and can’t make that comparison to Obama. If I were the marketing consultant for McCain, first of all I’d stop doing ads that make Obama the hero but if I was threatened with Chinese water torture or else do the celebrity angle, I would have played the angle of Hollywood dictating our politics that gets the folks riled up and used George Clooney or Ben Afflect and footage of their trips to Darfur instead. But that’s just me.

If you haven’t seen Paris’ response to her likeness in McCain’s ad, you should watch. And I have it here for you! Aren’t you lucky? It’s rather hilarious and brilliant as Paris misinterprets her celebrity as actually a presidential endorsement and uses this commercial to state her energy policy. And her energy policy, rather the writer’s energy policy? Kind of makes sense.

I can’t get wordpress to cooperate and embed the video but you can watch Paris here.

However, the marketing idiots at McCain 2008 do not stop there.Probably my favorite McCain ad is the dumbest of ad ideas for trying to create opposition to an opponent ever. The intention of this ad is to try to use the mainstream media’s love for Obama does not create a strong candidate. Rather that the American people are being mislead because the media are fawning all over Barack. It’s set to the song “Too Good to Be True” and actually I think this made me feel more inspired about Obama. WRONG MOVE, MCCAIN. To see these hardened journalists discuss Obama’s potential as a leader and to hear that Europe (who by the by no longer likes us) thinks of Obama as a rock star? ALL good things.

So McCain, keep up the good work!!!


1 Response to "Maybe they should change “In God we Trust” to “That’s Hot”"

While I agree with you … shouldn’t we be keeping this on the down-low?! Maybe even applaud McCain? Let him think he’s converting people to his cause. When, in reality, he is pushing people away rather than pulling them in.

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