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Posted on: May 29, 2008

My new favorite word is clarificative. I’m taking this assessment/methodology class right now and it’s killing me. (I don’t mind the material, actually like the work, but class for 3.5 hours two times a week… Sunburn) Anyway, we discovered yesterday that we are pretty sure the authors of our textbook made up words. Clarificative…evaluablity… and self-metavevaluate. Then we realized that none of us speak fluent Research so they are probably valid. But clarificative is my favorite. It sounds like a flower. And every time I say it, I think of it as a full name: Clara Ficative. What a cool name!!

Also at the end of class, our professor asked us if we wanted to stay longer to finish the material or if he should push it back. (uh, DUH) I started and got the class to join in saying “Push it back, push it back, wayyyyyyy back!” And he did! Then I decided to educate my classmates on my favorite cheers, which occur at Stanford, at least the non-Latin ones: “Increase aggregate yardage!” (football) and “Pursue him! Pursue him! Make him relinquish the ball!” (basketball). I love those cheers and I wasn’t even a cheerleader!

Last night I had cereal for dinner. I made the horrible error of purchasing Chocolate Chex – horrible in an oaky afterbirth kind of way. Awful. Anyway, I was so tired, like falling asleep at the ‘puter tired and  at an earlier than normal (but normal for everyone else) time for me. So I went with it and left my soggy cereal and milk on my desk. Whatever. I was so excited to actually fall asleep normally, I didn’t care. Serves me right. This morning I get up to eat breakfast/email/whatever (clearly the theme is I’m addicted to the internet) and I notice all over my computer screen and on the WALL are dried chocolate milk droplets. My cat had a date with my cereal. Apparently it went really well. I literally stood there for 10 minutes before cleaning it up, investigating the milk splatter. What exactly did she do, judging from the angles of the milk splatter it appeared she got her face in the milk and shook it, do cats shake off liquid like dogs do with water? Hmmmm. Seriously. I did this. Then I realized what I was doing.

Yesterday I had a really nice conversation with my FPP (favorite people person – the second p isn’t necessary but I think it adds to the acronym) about her birthday plans. She’s trying to get people together to get a hotel room down in Indy and go out – and I know that her girlfriend is planning some surprises for her birthday. It’s not I like I don’t want to go, but my summer fundage is tighter than my pants lately. So i was explaining my situation, and she even offered to pay for my share of the hotel and drinking funds so I could go. And it’s her birthday. It was so sweet and I felt like such a jerk. I told her I would rework some numbers (I’m very attached to my budget lately) to see how I could work it out. Then I get home, check my mail and literally I got a check in the mail. Enough cash to have a great time and do other things. Granted, it was a reimbursement check for a job I wanted but apparently they liked blondes. But still. Karma is AWESOME!

In my final story tonight, this is an honest to real conversation I had yesterday. Scene: I was speaking to two women who have lived in Indiana their whole lives (per the norm) about my experiences with the Indy 500 last weekend.

Me:… so, I had no idea how Indianans… Is that right Indianans????

Two women: Hoosiers.

Me. Oh, right. Hoosiers. God! I live here and maybe actually really live in this state next year! I need to embrace this.

Uh, DUH.


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