Life is Busting out ALL Over!

Good morning, Charles.

Posted on: May 23, 2008

So I have been having (ed. note: I can’t spell or use grammar properly) real issues sleeping the past couple weeks. Not quite hallucinatory insomnia or anything but it’s been a struggle. Can’t fall asleep. When I finally do, I sleep way past my alarm and usually awaken around noon or 1pm. (You: Must be nice. Me: Not really, because I feel like my day is shot and I’m a mega failure) This happens when I’m stressed. I take Simply Sleep occasionally – non habit forming sleep meds – but I think it makes me sleep harder and longer and I also think they are just a placebo, so who the f knows.

Today, however, I was able to wake with my alarm. Hallelujah! But perhaps the most disturbing reason I woke up was the Little House on the Prairie rerun that was on my tv when I woke. That’s right. I actually wanted to see how Ma and Pa Ingalls would pay off their tab at the Olson’s general store by working together to scrape up the money, and thus leave the store (and snooty Harriet Olson) with their heads held high. I actually did put on my glasses to see it. Particularly, when Mary was helping an elderly neighbor with chores and got paid. Isn’t she supposed to be blind?, I wondered. I guess that comes later. What really roused me though was Charles Ingalls telling Mrs Ingalls (why can’t they call her by her first name?) “The only thing I regret about marrying you, is that I can’t ask you to be my wife again” after he saw her plowing the fields with an ox (or a donkey? I have no idea). Awww. Charles always says the right things.

This whole thing is particularly ironic because as a young girl and when LHOTP used to play daily during the summer of my youth, I was usually eating breakfast before I had to bike to swim practice. I also had to fight with my sister as to what show we would watch. I preferred Dukes of Hazzard, reminding me of the South from which we had just moved, while little sis loved LHOTP, which therefore I hated.

And now the Ingalls family is the only thing that could wake me up. Oh, and also a paper I have to write today. Whatever.

Also, today is Carb Day in the great state of Indiana. If you are like me you might have thought, “Score!! Pizza and bread and cheese all day long!” And if you ARE like me, first, I’m sorry and second, you are wrong. Although nice try, because it’s not like your friends really explain it in their facebook statuses anyway.

No, unfortunately everything in May in Indiana revolves around the Indy 500. Here is Wikipedia’s answer to the Carb Day tradition:

The final practice session before the race, currently held on the Friday before race day, is called “Carburetion Day” (shortened to “Carb Day” since 2000). The name originally came from the fact that it was the final session where teams could tune their carburetors in conditions similar to those that may be encountered on race day. The name has remained despite the fact that no qualified car has used a carburetor since 1963. A pit stop competition, rock concert (sometimes a rap concert), and the Firestone Indy Lights Series Freedom 100 are also currently held on Carb Day. (source: Wikipedia, therefore who the heck knows)

Stone Temple Pilots are playing tonight and I’m headed to the parade tomorrow. That is, if I wake up in time.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!


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