Life is Busting out ALL Over!

My life in a list update, vol II

Posted on: May 19, 2008

  • At the risk of sounding like Seinfeld, organic prices, what *is* the deal with that?? Seriously. After receiving very real images of myself in photographic form, taken VERY recently, I’ve decided I need to start eating healthy again and not pretend everything I put in my mouth is not going to affect me. Bless Meijer. Bless. They actually have their own organic food line and typically the chain is known for it’s value. It’s also the only place in town I can go to buy organic food. But holy hell, I thought I was bleeding money when I paid. It’s expensive. But worth it. Eating well is worth it, this is my new mantra.
  • Bridal showers are SOOOOOOO much better without games. I can NOT stress this enough. Old and good friends spending time together. That’s all that matters. And the presents were great, it didn’t take all day. And once again my duty as the bow-collector-for-the-rehearsal-bouquet lives on. I’ve lost track at how many times I’ve done this. It looked like a hot mess too but everyone liked it. I have no idea why.
  • I had the opportunity to make a couple horrible life decisions this weekend, but due to logistical errors my sensible self decided against. And while it would have felt goooooooood, I just don’t think it with the right thing to do. And that would have made it really really hard, after the fact. I was breaking down the situation to my best friend last night and she said, for the first time in discussing this ongoing sitch, I conveyed my thoughts to her in such a logical and sensible way with conviction she has never heard before. Part of me was like “What? I’m always logical, sensible and I have convictions” but then most of me knew what she meant and smiled.
  • Job Search 2008 is ongoing. Apparently Chicago doesn’t want me, which is hilarious because now I really want her. This really could summarize a lot of my relationships. Late. to. the. game. Anyway, the only serious thing I have is that I’m a finalist at another school in Indiana. I have a lot of stuff out there so I hope something becomes serious soon so I can have choices. The idea of living in Indiana seriously, like changing my driver’s license and stuff, is so incredibly depressing. But at least it’s out of this hick town and in one that is much more lively and offer something of a dating/activity scene. I know the right fit is out there for me, I’m not too worried. yet.
  • There is a huge f*cker of a fly zipping around my head/room/townhouse. It is so fast I can’t locate it, although I can hear it. It is making my cat go CRAZY. Ugh.
  • Serious thoughts revolving around kittens lately. Not just because they are adorable, because they are. Mostly because I think Savannah needs a friend, I don’t my limited time with her is ever enough. Right now I’m in the process of trying to figure out if it’s a friend she needs or if I’m not doing a good job as her owner. I think it’s the former, only because she lived with her brothers and sisters at the shelter for so long, I think she would do great with another cat. We’ll see. I feel like I shouldn’t do anything with an obvious move coming up in two months. But wheee!!
  • The most annoying person ever is in my program. She’s a silent annoyer though because it only took 8 months for her to be this annoying. I recently spent a week with my classmates on an immersion trip and I am definitely not the only one that feels this way, which makes me feel better. I wish I could show how she acts on here to prove my point but I’m not that mean. She’s a breathy talker, soft and all “hiiiiiiii guys….” with a high voice. She’s a dancer so she prances all the time. She doesn’t take a compliment unless it’s from a gay male, and then she’s all happy. She also really insulted some of my lgbt friends when she directly and indirectly contributed to making fun of being gay. I know she’s sheltered and she’s struggling to find her own opinion but it’s so frustrating. I told my friends I want to adopt her and have her live with me for a year so I could give her assignments like “Read these legitimate news sources about universal health care and the candidates’ positions. Report back to me in your own words, what the issue is and who you support and why by 5pm”. Today in class, she was so slow writing because she loves her handwriting so she has to take her time, that she was copying off my notes and reading off of the book I was reading, when I should have been paying attention. Holy mother of pearl, I almost lost my shizz right there. Also she has a job already. WTF?
  • Finally, I can NOT stop thinking about an old old old boyfriend of mine. We dated the summer before my senior year of college. I was way into him, he was way into me, only I didn’t believe him and we broke up because I didn’t have time for him (his words). Actually, I was playing hard to get. BUSTED. After my own break up this fall, we got back in touch briefly, but I think he could smell the rebound and it was short lived. I can’t explain it, and at the risk of sounding totally desperate or whatever, there is something about him. I really don’t think our first relationship counts, one because when he asked if we were bf/gf that summer, I told him “Um… I think we are just dating”, and two, because I was 21 and clearly a MORON. He lives in my hometown, still single, never married and more jaded by the second, time will tell I know but I can’t shake this feeling. (at least it’s not about my most recent ex, so I’m going with it).

But anyway, Memorial Day is coming up! And in Indiana that means Indy 500, or as I like to say “Indy who the heck cares?”. However, I have been conned into going to the parade on Saturday because basically “it’s the only time celebrities come to Indiana”. So here’s hoping…


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