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New things I learned about myself this weekend:

Posted on: April 28, 2008

1. Although I am great at organizing bar crawls, I now suck at participating in them. My body literally did not WANT a gin and tonic. I almost wept. (seriously? I put “weeped” and had it there for hours. You know when it’s finals week when….)

2. My tolerance for friends who become annoying when intoxicated is quite low.

3. I live in a world (no less a town) where a jukebox exists in which it is PAINFUL to find 25 decent songs (Why I put $5 in, I’m not sure.. probably because I’ve never been LET DOWN by a jukebox before).

4. I still believe in fate

5. The best pictures of me are taken when I’m not expecting it or looking at the camera.

6. My cohort’s nickname for me is Aerosmith. It’s official. My first name does not exist any longer. I brought this on myself, however, in an effort for people to get my last name right I say “Kind of like Aerosmith”. There you go. And worst of all, I kind of/really like it.

7. Chicago or Boston. Boston or Chicago. I’m releasing the next steps of my journey to a higher power because He/She has never failed me, although I continually forget this.

8. It’s probably best that I never eat Taco Bell again.

9. My little sister is my teacher. Never saw that coming.

10. Gentle falling rain makes writing easier.


1 Response to "New things I learned about myself this weekend:"

I hear you on #2 and #8. In fact, I’m guessing that those are probably universal in the 30+ crowd!

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