Life is Busting out ALL Over!

All at once

Posted on: April 1, 2008

I just got home from Atlanta. 10 hour drive each way. There was an organizational conference featuring a job placement interviewing process all weekend. That is why I went. That is why 10 days ago, I borrowed the money from the tax return I don’t have yet in my hands to go. Why I missed two classes and two jobs worth of two days work, I will scramble to make up. Going for the experience and networking was my reason, not necessarily a job, but please someone give me a job.

I had an interview with a university in Chicago-ish four days before I left, one I would have given up my right arm up to work, in a position I thought was tailor made for me. As is my life, I’m a little non traditional and with all this prior work experience before I switched gears and up and changed careers and I told myself it was a good opportunity at the placement to at least find out where I stand and stack up. I was locked out of the registration system and had nothing set up before I arrived, my co-pilot and roommate had 6 interviews before we even got in the car to leave. After analyzing my interview earlier that week, and hearing nothing further, I resigned myself to that the first interview probably should not be the one you want, in the city you want you finally realized was home. I was down.

Today I left with…

a direction and long term goals I want for myself in a career path I have chosen

2 great interviews with a likelihood of being a finalist and going on campus, one in a town and a university I would love to be, neither in Chicago surprising me with how it didn’t matter to me

a third “discussion” which could lead to another amazing opportunity, with a contact who knows everyone

a phone call from another university in Chicago wanting to interview me for a position within my new decided career path

a potential break through with my (possibly continuing) relationship with the Ex, one of growth and promise instead of any sacrifice on my part

My car forced me to stay in Atlanta for 5 more hours this morning because the computer was melting down and I needed a new one, the hotel charged me twice and my bank stalked me all weekend with their out sourcing workers who didn’t speak English, I was still locked out of the placement system until 12 hours after I arrived, and we got lost on the back roads of Indiana in the dark 3 different times, and I’m pretty sure my cat peed on my carpet somewhere in the living room in protest to my absence.

But all in all, I consider it a success. The me I had lost for the last 2 years, the one lost in the fog of indecision and insecurity, came through bright and clear. As we drove through the mountains of Tennessee and watched the rainbow until it faded away, I thought to myself: You had it right all along.


2 Responses to "All at once"


Trust. And things happen. It’s weird.

Thanks lady!! It’s weird that I can’t “trust” Trust unless I know everything it will bring. But once I finally let go…

It’s nice to feel apart of my journey. Rather than being on the sidelines.

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