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From the mouths of idiots

Posted on: March 27, 2008

This might be a new section here at Life is Busting, where I document comments I’ve overheard that make my head want to explode.

This conversation took place on Tuesday and between my colleagues/friend (ages 23 and myself with my thought bubbles included) talking about a CD Mix someone had made on a recent road trip:

Colleague 1: He put this song on and I thought it was Bootylicious but it was some song by Stevie Nicks

Colleague 1: I had no idea, I really thought it was Bootylicious.

Colleague 2: Woot! Destiny’s Child! I loved that song in high school!

Me: Um, yeah, Destiny’s Child sampled “Edge of Seventeen” {one of the greatest songs ever} by {the amazing} Stevie Nicks

Colleague 1: Well, I’d never heard of it.

Colleague 2: Me either

Colleague 1: I just know Bootylicious. I love Bootylicious

Colleague 2: Me too

Me: You do know what sampling means right? That it’s taken from a previous {and therefore superior} song and used to produce a new one.

Colleague 1: I don’t know. I like Bootylicious better

Colleague 2: Same here

Me: {Are you fucking kidding me?} *Stuffs sandwich in mouth*

I really try to be supportive and understand that some of my classmates weren’t born until 1985 and even though that 7 years of difference between us, it is an ocean of difference. It’s not their fault, really. But no matter how hard I try, I think I just end up coming off old and a know-it-all. But they keep coming for advice so maybe old and a know-it-all works?


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