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Snot if you can help it

Posted on: March 26, 2008

So I’m sick. There, I said it. I hate being sick [insert lots of whining here]. Strangely, being sick feels like a really unique experience even though everyone says things like: “man, when I get sick, I mean I really get SICK. It knocks me out. For DAYS.” or “umm… yeah I’ll probably go to the doctor but what are they really going to do?” And then you sit there all tough-guy like, hoping people understand how much of an effort it takes just to do the basic of work tasks. Like you are going above and beyond the call of duty, for just showing up. In reality, you should be in bed, you should be sleeping, and you should be going to the health center if only because it is the easiest way to get prescriptions legally.

But because I am all of these things above – AND leaving/driving to Atlanta in TWO days, I’m going to whine/randomize (new word: When one is being random but as a verb, which it might not be but whatever) for you, blog buddies:

1. I have serious issues with blowing my nose or sniffing really loudly, and uhh…efficiently(?), in front of other people. This has forced me to take tissue (thank you Stacy the secretary for buying the really soft kind) and every 10 minutes get up and walk outside the office to go to the nearest bathroom to do the deed. Gross.

2. Also my nose is sore and it hurts. And my dry skin on my nostrils (from blowing, poor skin) looks like dried boogers but they are NOT!! (EW. I know. I just want to tell this to people so I can look them in the eyes again but I haven’t so I’m telling YOU.)

3. I also am limiting my breathing because I can only breathe out of my mouth. I’m sorry, but mouth breathers are creeeeeeepy. So I don’t want to be that creeper breather everyone can hear in the room so so I’m trying to just breathe softly which could make me dizzy, but I’ll be ok.

4. Today is the day I can actually go to the Health Center. But I’m actually feeling better, no aches or pains, just getting rid of stuff, if you know what I mean. So I don’t know if I’m going to go. Ugh. I should just go.

5. Germ-X is my friend – I am using it every 10 minutes after each bathroom use – thanks to this little hand sanitizer bottle thing I got for free somewhere. But every time I use it, I think about Matt Lauer yesterday discussing the rise of auto immune diseases and asthma is because we are increasingly germ-o-phobic and not letting our bodies build up antibodies to fight it off. Hmmmm…. I hate you Matt Lauer. Now I don’t know if I’m helping other people around me by germing off or if I’m slowly killing them. Thanks a lot, this is almost as bad as the whole bottled water industry is killing the Earth vs. tap water has drugs confusion I’m under.

I love randomizing. You should do it. Just pick a topic and just say random things about it. Kinda  like a blog… oh, wait.


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