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March crabness

Posted on: March 14, 2008

So I’m bummed. And I’ve been bummed all winter long, most likely due to the grey shelf we have for a sky I feel sometimes like I’m living in a poisoned version of The Truman Show. It’s gross and depressing and I just want to see the sun, even if it’s freezing cold out.

I’ve been thinking of ways I’ve managed to cope in years past and I realize why I’m still bummed in March. Usually, March is my favorite time of year. March Madness!!! Hello! I love it. I love making my irrational brackets. I love checking the scores at work during the Thursday and Friday games. I love going to the bars way early to get a seat for my game. My undergrad is always in the tournament and in the past 4 years it’s been super exciting to watch. We went to the national championship (and lost, but really, details) 3 years ago and it was like the best time of my life. Almost as good as the Cubs in the playoffs in 2003 when I drank my face off on school nights back to back!! Crazy town.

This year, we suck HARD. So bad that I’ve just not wanted to watch any game and the only players I know are the hold overs from past seasons. And Michael Jordan’s kid, because well, when you suck so bad that you have a walk on who happens to be a Jordan, that is the only thing that makes news. So there’s that. I did not fill out brackets this year, normally I pick my team to win it all even though it’s is usually unlikely and also killed me in the office pool every time except in 2005. I’m just loyal like that.

So there is no hope for any fun excitement for me in the next two weeks. I have not known a world like this in years. What do you do in March if you can’t get over excited about unrealistic chances in the tournament?? I just do not KNOW. Also, Purdue. Purdue is making me a huge crab ass.

Mostly because I just do not like Purdue. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’ve been to the campus – visited in high school and got in, visited friends there during college, visited my sorority’s chapter while I was  consultant and then came back year after year to volunteer and run leadership workshops. It’s not like I have an irrational hatred for the school without knowing anything about it. (That is actually reserved for Ohio State) I’ve been there, I’ve partied there, I’ve seen it. And I just DON’T get it! Maybe it’s because when I was senior in high school and visited the place, the day before some lady had jumped off the top of the education building to her death. What kind of a place makes you do that?? Maybe that has seeped into my brain and pre-judged a perfectly fine and nice school. But I really don’t think so.

To make matters worse, I’ve got one girl in my program who graduated from Purdue and I swear to you every single contribution she makes in class starts with “Well at Purdue, we did…” or something involving the damn school. (She also makes comments about being Latina every 5 seconds too, which I don’t mind because I know she’s sifting through her cultural identity and that’s a great thing).  Every Purdue alum I’ve ever met thinks it’s like the greatest school ever and I just don’t get it. HOW?? I mean, there are other schools that I’m not fond of as sports rivals but I get why. IU (it’s pretty and um, Little 5 kicks ass. Oh and Bloomington kinda rules), Michigan State (the old campus is pretty and they are always good in basketball, that makes it fun), Michigan (um, the LAW library. Have you been there? It’s magic. Oh and The Big House), Iowa (the ped mall and they are really good drinkers). I could go on.

Purdue’s campus is nice but there’s nothing that stops me and takes my breath away. There programs are very strong but nothing stands out as their exclusive domain. (I realize also that this could be said for my undergrad but I would urge one to visit the quad and pick up a college rankings guide). So all this rah rah annoyance I’ve dealt with all year long – and now on the news all they can talk about, with the Big 10 tourney in Indy – is Purdue. 2nd in the Big 10 coming from LAST PLACE last year (there’s hope for us, I guess?), holy big news this is the most exciting thing ever!!

So in short. I’m a crab ass. Blame March and Purdue.


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