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You know me so well, it feels like you are my conscience. I’m sorry my journey has required me to go about things alone. It hurts you can’t understand that.


This might be a new section here at Life is Busting, where I document comments I’ve overheard that make my head want to explode.

This conversation took place on Tuesday and between my colleagues/friend (ages 23 and myself with my thought bubbles included) talking about a CD Mix someone had made on a recent road trip:

Colleague 1: He put this song on and I thought it was Bootylicious but it was some song by Stevie Nicks

Colleague 1: I had no idea, I really thought it was Bootylicious.

Colleague 2: Woot! Destiny’s Child! I loved that song in high school!

Me: Um, yeah, Destiny’s Child sampled “Edge of Seventeen” {one of the greatest songs ever} by {the amazing} Stevie Nicks

Colleague 1: Well, I’d never heard of it.

Colleague 2: Me either

Colleague 1: I just know Bootylicious. I love Bootylicious

Colleague 2: Me too

Me: You do know what sampling means right? That it’s taken from a previous {and therefore superior} song and used to produce a new one.

Colleague 1: I don’t know. I like Bootylicious better

Colleague 2: Same here

Me: {Are you fucking kidding me?} *Stuffs sandwich in mouth*

I really try to be supportive and understand that some of my classmates weren’t born until 1985 and even though that 7 years of difference between us, it is an ocean of difference. It’s not their fault, really. But no matter how hard I try, I think I just end up coming off old and a know-it-all. But they keep coming for advice so maybe old and a know-it-all works?

Sure anyone can write 3 posts in one day but do they type it and post while inside a patient’s room waiting for the doctor in their campus health center??!! I think not. (#1 wireless campus in the nation, what up??!!)

Anyway, I’ve been reading up on all these pamphlets provided in this room. I sorta feel stupid because I have all the classic symptoms of a cold and yet two different brochures have told me that antibiotics will not cure a cold and I’m screwed for 7 – 14 days. Great.

Oh, and I think one of my moles might be basal cell carcinoma, according to one of the three pamphlets I read in here on skin cancer. So I’ll have the doc check out, once he gets in here.

And finally my favorite brochure: Sexually Transmitted Infections: What Everyone Should Know. When did STDs go out of style?? Did you know syphilis can cause an aortic aneurysm? Holy f*ck! That does not sound like fun. Which one is the clap*?

Update: The doc diagnosed me with a cold. Son of a!!! So I’m going home to irrigate my nose with salt water. This should be attractive. Although, when he walked in, he was all set to give me the drugs and then once he heard me breathe, it became a cold.

* Mentioned with love as ode to one of my college obsessions:

“In physical terms, I’m cuter than you, but you’re much nicer than I am.”

I’m pretty sure I am a claustrophobe.

I am a winner!!!

So I’m sick. There, I said it. I hate being sick [insert lots of whining here]. Strangely, being sick feels like a really unique experience even though everyone says things like: “man, when I get sick, I mean I really get SICK. It knocks me out. For DAYS.” or “umm… yeah I’ll probably go to the doctor but what are they really going to do?” And then you sit there all tough-guy like, hoping people understand how much of an effort it takes just to do the basic of work tasks. Like you are going above and beyond the call of duty, for just showing up. In reality, you should be in bed, you should be sleeping, and you should be going to the health center if only because it is the easiest way to get prescriptions legally.

But because I am all of these things above – AND leaving/driving to Atlanta in TWO days, I’m going to whine/randomize (new word: When one is being random but as a verb, which it might not be but whatever) for you, blog buddies:

1. I have serious issues with blowing my nose or sniffing really loudly, and uhh…efficiently(?), in front of other people. This has forced me to take tissue (thank you Stacy the secretary for buying the really soft kind) and every 10 minutes get up and walk outside the office to go to the nearest bathroom to do the deed. Gross.

2. Also my nose is sore and it hurts. And my dry skin on my nostrils (from blowing, poor skin) looks like dried boogers but they are NOT!! (EW. I know. I just want to tell this to people so I can look them in the eyes again but I haven’t so I’m telling YOU.)

3. I also am limiting my breathing because I can only breathe out of my mouth. I’m sorry, but mouth breathers are creeeeeeepy. So I don’t want to be that creeper breather everyone can hear in the room so so I’m trying to just breathe softly which could make me dizzy, but I’ll be ok.

4. Today is the day I can actually go to the Health Center. But I’m actually feeling better, no aches or pains, just getting rid of stuff, if you know what I mean. So I don’t know if I’m going to go. Ugh. I should just go.

5. Germ-X is my friend – I am using it every 10 minutes after each bathroom use – thanks to this little hand sanitizer bottle thing I got for free somewhere. But every time I use it, I think about Matt Lauer yesterday discussing the rise of auto immune diseases and asthma is because we are increasingly germ-o-phobic and not letting our bodies build up antibodies to fight it off. Hmmmm…. I hate you Matt Lauer. Now I don’t know if I’m helping other people around me by germing off or if I’m slowly killing them. Thanks a lot, this is almost as bad as the whole bottled water industry is killing the Earth vs. tap water has drugs confusion I’m under.

I love randomizing. You should do it. Just pick a topic and just say random things about it. Kinda  like a blog… oh, wait.

Hello blog buddies!!!

I have about 6 different drafts of posts all unfinished and with no direction. I can’t seem to get my mind at ease these days so I’ll just have to continue to work on them. Or just delete them. That actually might be the best option. I also have a raging cold/sinus/flu/hell so I think I’m excused. Why don’t grad assistants get sick days?? Anyway. I need a union.

One of my posts to come (if I can finish it) is entitled “Things I am thinking in my head but I cannot say because people don’t like you if you tell them in so many words that they are idiots” and lately a lot of them have been political. But there was an event here at my institution that made it come all spurting out… to the wrong audience of course (which I why I think them and not say these things).

So this democratic primary. It’s amazing, right?? Honestly, which I’m about to totally contradict, but in my heart of hearts  I absolutely LOVE to see the democratic process at work.  Despite my guy, my populist-down-with-the-MAN-first-to-have-an-universal-health-care-plan candidate, John Edwards, is out of the race. No hard feelings. Well, that’s not entirely true. I am currently in the struggle of the pick a side debate that is Obama or Clinton.

Since I’m somewhat of a breaking news/special reports junkie, election years are my favorite, FAVORITE. But since I lost my candidate, I have taken a back seat and just played observer to this democratic primary season. I love Obama’s message but I like Clinton’s experience. One day I’m for one and then I hear a speech of the other and I switch. Then I’d read The Huffington Post or watch Bill Maher and then I’m more confused. It makes my blood boil, but not in an excited way I had hoped but more in an overly sensitive person therefore anxious and maybe neurotic kind of way.

Here’s my point: Today Chelsea Clinton spoke (along with the hobbit Sean Astin) at thy university. Now Chels doesn’t do whole pep rally speech thing but rather quietly holds a Q and A with the college kids. I could not go to the Q and A – which by the way was held in a food court, quite possibly the WORST place ever but whatev, I hope to make those kind of decisions in my future career so I won’t judge.

Some of my co-workers went and filed interesting reports when they returned. I thought for sure in the cornfields of Indiana, that Chels would have a hard time with the red neck repubs we have all over the place (can I tell you how many Ron Paul stickers I step on a day on campus? A lot.).  Instead, apparently she got an earful from Obama peeps. Obama peeps were in the front row, their table was behind her, they brought signs (one said “Socialist!! Repent!!” which I think was random and non-affiliated).

And here’s where my anxious and somewhat neurotic mind kicks in: Is the democratic party, by splintering so passionately in two, ultimately going to be its’ own demise?? When one clinches the nomination, will the other side support that candidate or would they rather just not vote? I know how deflating it can be. I’ve seen John Edwards speak and it was mesmerizing and on Super Tuesday, after he withdrew, I just checked into CNN periodically after I was glued during Iowa and New Hampshire. It’s a bummer and the longer it goes on the more invested I’m sure those supporters are.

I had a long talk with the ex recently (this is the 5th unfinished post) about this. Now Ex is political. Not only did he block Lake Shore Drive in war protests in 2003, but he also was the “Youth Vote Coordinator” for the state, I’m sorry, the commonwealth, of Virginia for Gore’s 2000 campaign. He also danced with Hils and Chels at the inaugural ball, in 1996 – which I think is an exaggeration because he would have been 21 but he’s convincing. He also reads The Nation. What I’m saying is, he knows the political strategy and the game and how to win, or not win, I guess.

He thinks McCain is going to win by a landslide. Now when the man who only refers to Bill as “William Jefferson Clinton, our country’s 42nd President” in casual conversation says this, one takes note. He thinks at this point in the campaign, with only one candidate the Republican party is very focused, and in the eyes of the American people, that means more effective.

So as I watch my party’s candidates trade jarbs and try to pull out a victory in places like INDIANA (god, please don’t let Indiana be the deciding factor for this, PLEASE! I don’t even think they are true democrats here!), I wonder if this pendulum swinging back and forth is doing more harm than good.

There is an afterthought to this as I spoke to my dad today. He has seen the light and in the first time in his 63 years on earth will be voting democrat. Good old Dad told me and I quote, “McCain doesn’t have a shot in hell to win this thing.”

I hope he is right and I’m just being my usual anxious and quasi-neurotic self.

Speaking of the guy I mentioned below – I decided to continue on my x365. The memories. Whoa. Anyway..

There was definitely a mutual attraction and chemistry with us. You couldn’t date someone you worked with but you just married one.  You were a good friend. I’m sorry we ruined it.


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