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Under construction

Posted on: January 29, 2008

I feel like this might be the theme of my life right now… and I’m actually fine with that. As much as I state it scares me, I kind of like the idea that I have NO idea where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing (or with whom, PLEASE!) at this time next year.

I recently found a ton of my old journals, many of them half filled in. Seems I started and never completed it before I picked out a new one to start, etc. So it only seems right that I do this with blogs. I started greenleafgal last year as my anon space. But then I moved away from family and friends, and started another one, honestly to keep everyone in the loop as I’m not that great at phone calls and I despise the mass email updates I sometimes get from friends. Even though I could go back to write on greenleaf, it doesn’t feel right. I’m not her anymore, I don’t live on that street anymore and hopefully won’t ever again (Rogers Park = scary!! Lesson learned. Do not follow the cheap rent.)

I’ve imported all my old stuff into here but I’m still figuring out wordpress so hopefully the archives will be up soon. The things I was most excited about when I was writing greenleaf are either happening to me (I’m here in grad school) or over (the relationship). I’ve got a lot to sort through on my end with this relationship thing so I’m hoping to save my sanity – and since I’ve cut off my communication to him – spewing things here rather than to someone who doesn’t deserve to know that I’m thinking about him.

Sorry for the confusion – and bear with the dust. 🙂


1 Response to "Under construction"

Hi artist formerly known as GreenLeaf. Hope that the construction site is tidying up a bit, although that’s probably a life-long project. Anyway, just wanted to stop in and say hello.

Also, I LOVE Explosions. In fact, sometimes we watch Friday Night Lights simply because of the soundtrack.

Also again, I like the new blog title.

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