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I’m here. In Hickville.

Moving was a little stressful but went well, the moving company was great and I’d definitely recommend them to anyone. Even if it’s going to force me to eat Ramen for the next 6 months. Saying good bye to R was sad but he was great, calming my fears and giving me hugs. He even snuggled in bed, which he is a fan of, neither am I come to think of it, but it was nice. He’s even made comments on coming to see me even though we’ve only decided the first weekend I would come up to Chicago to see him.

2 and 1/3 days in and I’m feeling like this was the best decision I’ve ever made. The townhouse is great and with all carpeting, it feels real cozy and home-like. Hardwood floors in every Chicago apartment had never made me feel this way.

I’m unpacking and making progress although I’ve hit a wall but I need to push through it. My clothes do belong in a closet, they deserve that much.

Something I’ve noticed about this here hicktown is that the people are real nice. Almost disalarmingly so. Maybe I lived in Chicago too long and got used to being street smart but the most meaningful conversations I’ve had were with the utility and cable folks sent out to my house.

The Water guy was great. First off, there is a remote on my garage (that I thought was to a garage door opener) that they scan to read the meter. The company told me they’d be sending someone out to check my meter. I thought that this would lead to me opening my utility closet/future storage closet and having the guy invade my privacy for a little while. Instead the guy rang my DOORBELL (still excited about it!) and told me he read my meter. I asked him to show me where it was, trying to be very adult and responsible-like. Then we got into a 15 minute conversation about the insane property taxes in this county that is literally bankrupting this town. They’ve tripled in the last two years and for a town with no manufacturing base, and folks that are trying to make an income that is just barely livable, everyone is flipping out. (There are signs everywhere protesting) This led to a discussion about how the country has forgotten Middle America, honest people trying to make a living and not being able to. The words coming out of my mouth sounded like lyrics to a John Mellencamp song. Apparently I adapt quickly.

Yesterday the cable guy came, without my DVR box (weep!) and installed my cable and my internet (legally, I was pirating someone’s wireless). He was here for an hour so I made most of my time by talking to him. Discovered his profession makes $70,000 a year installing cable. He knows how much I pay in rent here. We got comfortable really quickly and were sharing these things that I don’t think I’d tell my friends (salaries are taboo!). Warm, midwest folks here.

I’m off to unpack my closet and hit the bank and Meijer. Oh, and maybe pick up some food seeing as there are about 15,000 fast food joints to every grocery store here and lord knows my junk in my trunk is full to the brim.

Tonight I’m going to meet some ladies in my cohort for the first time. We are all gathering to watch The Hills. Even peeps bettering themselves through education need some guilty pleasures. Team LC!!!


Today if I had to sum up my luck in life, today would be the day I would put in the dictionary for the word(s?) “Typical Greenleaf”. And if you know me, which you don’t because this bloggy-blog is totally anonymous (and I LOVE that) and NO ONE I know knows I have this thing. And it’s going to stay that way, capesh? Good.

So today I had made an appointment with my future landlord/management company to pick up my keys for the afternoon so I could get into my new pad to scope it out. With all the overwhelming anxiety, etc I didn’t really remember the upstairs of the townhouse. At all.

I got up early today and left the house by 7am. Drove the almost 5 hours* down there. I am literally a block away when the management company calls me:

“Hi greenleaf… this is XYZ management company. We know you are coming down today but greenleaf, we don’t have the keys.”

Hold the phone. Literally. But anyway. WHAT. I knew I couldn’t really pick up my keys until I got into town next weekend so that they could clean and de-grossify. No problem.

Well what the problem was, was (do you ever hate having to use the same word twice like that? I do. I always stop and delete and then realize that, in fact, I have to use it.*) they had given the keys to a vendor who was replacing all the closet doors. He hasn’t returned them and they couldn’t get a hold of him. BASTARD.

So I drove 5 hours* to do what? NOTHING. Ah, my friends this has a totally fairy tale ending. I spun my productive greenleaf wheels and went over to the management company anyway. I gave them my rent check and got info on utilities, which I had started to do but had to stop. Do you ever notice that you could do almost anything online but when it comes to utility companies their websites SUCK MAJOR ASS?? Well, I do.

I then went over to my townhouse, just to see if Bastard closet door guy was there. He wasn’t. But I did push my nose up to the windows and got to see the living room and kitchen, and planned out how to set up my furniture in the living room. But I didn’t get to see the upstairs, obviously, because it’s upstairs. Bollucks.

I still had only been in the town for 45 minutes at this point so I went to the mall. Like any red-blooded American girl would do.

I found bedding that I wanted and I bought a WASHER AND DRYER. I needed to buy one, cause I have hookups’nshit. But holy hell, I have never bought anything that felt so adult. My only sadness is that I’m renting not owning. But I’ll bring little Wendy and Draco (Oh, like you don’t name household objects?) with me where ever I go.

The best part? I totally got a sweet deal on a promotional offer Sears has until tomorrow. And had I actually gone down to hickville to do what I was supposed to do. I would have never had gotten a w/d today and I would have paid out the anus. ew.

So I felt good driving FIVE HOURS back in Indianapolis rush hour (p’shaw, they call it that?) traffic and through Chicago’s (easy peasy today, Lolla peeps I waved to you as I was listening to David Bowie in my car on the LSD. As long as I’m going to stream my conscience, god, I’m going to miss driving on that road).

I think I’m ready to do this thing.

P.S. That new show Greek is fricking AWESOME! R and I have fallen in love with it. And he, a lapsed typical Jeep driving ex-frat boy, and I, the loyal sorority leader I still am, both have found the show to be so entertaining. And honestly, I should get in an uproar about how the sorority women in the show are totally misrepresented and the fraternity men actually look like they come out on top (how’s that for a double entendre?! ha!) but really, I could care less. The show is well written, the kid who plays Rusty is fantastic and he’s from Chicago so you can hear the Chicago accent in his voice. My only issue with the show is that R thinks that he bore more than a striking resemblance to Cappy when he was in school so he laughs REALLY loud at EVERYTHING. I didn’t know him then so I can’t really argue. But still. It rules.

But the highlight? Tomorrow my boy’s back in town. HOLLER.

Nicole Ritchie’s on 20/20, gots to go. Happy weekend Chicago!

*Dear I-65, you can DIE. DIE. I hate you. I hate every boring inch by pavement boring inch of you. Of course I’ll never say this when I’m driving on you because I don’t want you to pop my tire or anything. But you suck and if there was another way that is faster to get to Hickville, Indiana (and believe me I’ve tried every way till Sunday) I would so be on that train. Hmmmm… train.

Scene: My hood, this morning while walking a block to go to the corner store

I passed by a little kiddy park and saw a group of about 20 children, all ages and looking like a UN contingent. There was one adult male, who was probably their leader or whatever

As I pass by…

Older girl shows the Leader guy a book.
Leader guy: Of course this book is about a STRIPPER!! Would I let you guys read this??!

On my way back, the kids are still in the park but the adult male leader is on his cell phone.
Adult Male holds his cell phone up to the kids so they can answer: Do you guys think I’m trouble?

Kids: YES!!!! (half shout) NO!!! (half of them shout all at once)



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