Life is Busting out ALL Over!

Karma, Irony, whatever

Posted on: June 26, 2007

So we all know it’s my last day at crazytown today. Can you hear the angels singing? I can!

Anyway, the replacement that they hired for me is great overall. She’s a talented in marketing and seems really organized, I think she is going to do great.

However, I’m a little miffed (yes, I can use this word and not be 45 years old) because once she arrived, everyone was really patient and nice and all took time to TEACH her how to do her job. Well, duh, you say, isn’t that sort of what happens with a new person. Why yes, I’d respond, it is. But you know there is more to this story.

I got thrown in the the role she was hired for. I got literally no transition. The marketing director before me was so happy to be leaving she prepared a great list of items to be done in the next two weeks after she left. That’s it. No training on the budget. No transition on issues that the company has been having with vendors. Nothing. NOTHING.

So for two months I was drowning in all this catch up and trying to figure out ways to solve problems while my boss thought that I was taken through everything and had a nice training time of 2 weeks. So who looks like a jack ass? Me.

Yeah, I could have defended myself to my boss and set her straight. But I hate excuses and I hate them even more when they come out of me. Plus I was so over it by that point, it just wasn’t worth the time. Although, lessons learned my friends. Taking the downfall sucks balls.

Anyway, there is this one project that I originated and owned for a good 6 months. This project has doubled in size and they hired more people to handle it. Now the new marketing director is working on it and she stops me this morning to say:

“How the hell did you do this? It’s really hard! I’m having the worst time.”

I gave her some suggestions, told her things I learned and just smiled on the inside. I wish her much luck and I think she will do a better job that I EVER could. My journey is done, my time has passed, and the road is hers.


(But it does feel a little good, not going to lie)


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