Life is Busting out ALL Over!

Vacation (almost)

Posted on: June 24, 2007

Can I tell you all, dear readers, what a wonderful feeling I have on this Sunday night knowing this is the LAST Sunday night I will spend having to go to work in Corporate America (well, we’re not corporate but in crazytown). Still. Every Sunday for probably the last 2.5 years, I have dreaded Sundays. By 8:00 pm my throat closes up like an allergic reaction. To make matters worse, they moved Grey’s Anatomy to Thursdays last year so this year I didn’t even have an hour to forget about the nightmare I was facing the next day.

Today, the Sunday before the Tuesday, which is my last day, (got that?) I feel calm. C-A-L-M. Even as I had to race around today getting stuff done for my conference I’m attending this week. At a spa. (Not work, volunteer org). Even as I have spent shopping all day yesterday for bathing suits and new fat clothes, realizing I am far, far, far from the size 8 I was – all of that horrible lighting – and then all the hours I spent at my computer today prepping for meetings in a volunteer position that I am horribly just adequate in, all of that and I am still calm. (That run-on gets a medal!)

It might also be because I had the best weekend in a long time – that and my boyfriend is picking me up ice cream right now, at my request.

Greenleafgal’s Tips to have a kick ass weekend:

1. Implement Summer hours at your place of work two Fridays a month so you can leave by 3pm (you would have left earlier but are at the damn mercy of a train)
2. Date a man that calls you Friday morning to tell you he missed having dates and wanted to do a date night.
3. Agree
4. Go see Knocked Up and be pleasantly surprised then take a walk around Evanston
5. Go to Cost Plus World Market and pick out wine and laugh at the labels and have the man you are dating ask if “we” can go to your parents on Saturday instead of Sunday because he hasn’t seen them since Easter (even though you were only planning to go by yourself on Sunday because he has to work)
6. Go out to a dive bar and get a pitcher of beer and watch a new waitress try to light Sagonaki approximately FOUR times before it lit into a ball of fire you thought was a little too close to your head.
7. Then decide to go to bed early so you both can watch Family Guy reruns in bed.
8. Cuddle
9. Get up nice and early and split a box of Munchkins singing at the top of your lungs to the Spring Awakening soundtrack and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band: Hammersmith Odion 1975 all the way down I-88.
10. Spend the day with your mom shopping (and crying in the dressing room when you can believe that you were affected by clothing sizes again) and getting some new clothes and shoes on their dime
11. Knowing your boyfriend is with your dad at the airfield and they are LOVING every minute of it
12. Invent a new game called Tencrosse, with your tennis racket and his lacrosse stick
13. Have a steak dinner with your parents and the man you love listening to your dad tell stories involving lobster and the Mob.
14. Drive home with your boyfriend telling you how much fun he had
15. Knowing you only have to suck it up for only two more days and then your life will forever change.

Yeah, I think all that makes for a wonderful, non-panic attack Sunday night.


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