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The Drug Years

Posted on: May 17, 2007

So there is this awesome and amazing series running on VH1 very randomly called ‘The Drug Years’. It chronicles the last 45 years of drugs in America and it’s impact on us culturally, criminally, economically, etc.

It’s just bloody brilliant. I have a penchant for things drugs – probably because if I did any my body would completely shut down. I loved ‘Go Ask Alice’ and I’m fascinated with addiction.

I saw it on a random lazy weekend in July and then two weekends ago it was on again. This time I recorded it. R and I watched it three days later. Even he loved it, and he hates docs.

I’m so excited because one of the commentators of the show, Martin Torgoff, wrote a book called ‘Can’t Find My Way Home: America in the Great Stoned Age 1945 – 2000.’

I found the book online and ordered it. It arrived yesterday!! I started the first chapter on the train this morning and although I’m only 10 pages in, it’s unbelievably good.

I also highly recommend the book ‘Laurel Canyon’. It documents the “magical time” of 1967 with the outshoot of folk rock, the advent of rock and the requisite drugs and sex that go along with it in the neighborhood of Laurel Canyon in LA. Lots of interviews with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Mama Cass, Frank Zappa, Pete Townshend all of whom lived in this really close knit utopian neighborhood during this time. It is one of the best non fiction books I’ve read.

But this new one may top it.


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