Life is Busting out ALL Over!

McIntosh, please

Posted on: May 7, 2007

I’ve made no secret that I get stopped for directions often. My guess would be at least 1.5 times a week on average.

Today’s was a little more exciting. As I was walking down the street to get some lunch, oblivious to the string of cars parked along the side of the street, I hear this man say “Excuse me”.

I stop and turn and directly in front of me is this guy with his passenger door open and is literally hanging out the door… from the driver’s seat. He is driving a Fiero so it was strange because he was only 4 inches from the ground just hanging.

Hanging man: Excuse me, I can ask you for directions
Me: Sure, what do you need?
Hanging man: Where is Iceland?
Me: Iceland? Really?
Hanging man: Yes, Iceland
Me: I’ve never heard of that street in Chicago
Hanging Man: Hanging and looking at me helplessly
Me: Okay, are you sure it’s Iceland
Hanging Man: Sorry, I speak broken english. Isheland
Me: Ashland?
Hanging Man: Yes, Isheland
Me: Okay, you’re close – take a right and then the next light is Ashland.

The crazy thing is, is that the more this keeps happening to me the stranger the situations.

But the most ironic is that last year I interviewed at Rand McNally for a marketing position (and I love maps!), I got really far in the process only to be turned down for an internal candidate.

I’m literally a human GPS machine. How do you like them apples?


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