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This wagon needs siderails

Posted on: May 2, 2007

After having one of the most uncomfortable, and quite honestly sickest, nights I’ve had in a long time, I’ve decided starting today* I will be wheat free. Again.

I’ve been plagued by stomach problems for most of my life. Four years ago I went to a special doctor who gave me laxitives and basically told me it will take years to figure it out.

Three years ago I had an assistant working for me who suggested I try going no-wheat as it helped her mom, who had migraines. That was neither here nor there but I investigated it.

I committed to it. And for the glorious summer of 2004 I was wheat free – I lost 15 lbs on a body that didn’t need it lost. I felt amazing. The pains that I didn’t realize I had numbed myself to were gone. I had no idea it was possible to feel that good from the inside out.

I went back to the doctor and told her what I’d been up to and she was shocked at herself for not testing me for a gluten allergy. She took 10 vials of blood and then declared I was not allergic.

Around the same time I moved out of my apartment I had been sharing with roommates and into my own space. It was more expensive and quite frankly, buying bread to make sandwiches was much, much cheaper than the fancy work arounds I had to do to stay on my no wheat diet.

I figured that since I wasn’t allergic to it, it didn’t matter. It worked for a while – my stomach problems that plagued me for so long didn’t come back. It was like magic.

Until about 3 months ago and now ever so often I’m caught off guard and I want someone to put me out of my misery.

Then last night. I was over it.

I’m back on. Starting today. With my salad at lunch. That is completely unfulfilling and lonely. And I’m not looking forward to tuna and corn tortilla lunches that will be my future.

I’m going to do it – I’m not going to give myself a hard time but I’m going to try.

*Except for a little today and the bread I had with my salad because come on it’s so boring and empty. I’m weaning. I resisted free muffins this morning just fine so things are looking up. I also have a co-worker that is beyond allergic to gluten so she’s given me some great tips.


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