Life is Busting out ALL Over!

Insane in the membrane

Posted on: April 24, 2007

A couple reasons I’m going insane this week:

– MASSIVE, MASSIVE, MASSIVE, crunch time at work
– I’m out of town on Thursday and Friday (no, not for fun)
– Had a serious discussion/”stop picking on me” talk with my co-worker who does not understand teamwork
– No way to get quarters, have to do laundry
– My beloved Macbook is broken. Broken. A Mac!???! Only me. So no way to get on the internets and print the googlemaps, airline tix and rental car I need. Not to mention last minute emails that I need to get done. PERSONALLY. At home
– My cat is acting really weird, like really weird. And I have to leave her.
– My taxes were never filed by my accountant and I need that money. Like Yesterday. And my accountant is sporadically available.

One reason why I will not go insane:
– The BF – who is totally making me swoon and keeping me normal:
– Bringing me quarters so I can do my laundry tonight so I don’t have to do it and release insanity the night before my trip.
– Even after taking my laundry to his house last week and folding it all AMAZINGLY – better than I do – last week.
– Lying down with my cat to calm her down two nights in a row. Even though he’s a self proclaimed cat-hater and really allergic to them
– Buying my dinner last night from a crappy Mexican place and not complaining about how crappy his food was – see CRAMPS

Nice break, back to work. Okay, now where’s the Advil?


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