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Oh, Balmer*…

Posted on: April 11, 2007

So I made to Baltimore. I like it, a lot.

I’m at a conference for Catholic Educators in America (and the Caribbean, apparently) – which is awesome because as a educational company – I get to talk about our programs to a willing and very happy audience. It’s nice having subjects that are primed.

I’m staying about a mile away from the Convention Center – a little outside of the downtown area – in a more historic area. I’m happy to be in this part of town, more character and Irish bars. My hotel has a lot left to be desired but after my year of being a collegiate consultant, I’m thrilled to have my own hotel room and not sleep on someone’s couch.

Here’s a recap of my trip so far:

– Made best friends with 500 nuns
– Jeans fell down once (they are stretch or my belly is too big, but it’s cause they are stretch)
– Been asked for directions in Baltimore (WTF?)
– Got groped on the arm by a 1 year old on the plane (he had great eyes, though)
– Saw a midget – before I got coffee so I’m not entirely certain but I’m pretty sure
– A man came up to me and asked if I could hand him a couple of our pencils I was giving away, of course I said he could take a couple if he wanted. Then he tells me it’s because he has a stumped finger and uses pencils for his GPS tools. I’m sort of listening (hey, at hour 6 of non-stop talking and standing, it’s a little blurry) and he then shows me his hand and sure enough there is half of his left index finger.
– Ate the most wonderful meal of crab cake sandwich and a New Bohemian Beer, at the request of my boyfriend. Thanks baby for the recommendation, it was amazing.
– Staying in a hotel with no heat. Not unlike apartment buildings in Chicago, the heat kicks off on April 1. Usually it’s not 30 degrees out. Brrr!
– Receive daily check in calls from the bf after he’s fed and hung out with my cat
– Made best friends with the lady in the booth next to me, who asks me questions and then interrupts me with her own thoughts. She is great though.
– Feel insanely happy I am not at the office and wish I could do this part of the job full time

The original Washington Monument in Baltimore, about 2 blocks from my hotel

* Starting two weeks before I left, the bf kept asking me if I was excited to be going to “Balmer”. I thought he was being cute until I realized he was trying to be colloquial. He’s from VA and has relatives in Maryland but I still thought he was being a know-it all…

Until I got here… and they all drop the ‘t’ and say Balmer. Dang it.


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