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In my effort to completely be annoying because it’s Monday and I HATE our weekly Monday meeting, the following transpired, thanks in part to ‘The Office’:

Co-worker: After this meeting, we are getting cupcakes
Me: Oooh, Beer Me a cupcake!

IT guy after his input means that the meeting will be longer: Relax guys, we’re almost done
Me: That’s what she said!!

Mission accomplished. Awesome.


Well, I received my offical university ID username and email address for my new graduate school.

It’s so surreal. Part of me daydreams every DAY about what excitement awaits me and the opportunity my assistantship will give me in the field I’ve been dying to break into for years.

Then my mind naturally drifts to R – and what’s it is going to be like in a long term relationship. I’ve stopped worrying about if we are going to make it or not. It’s a waste of my time. I am going to school to complete a goal I’ve set for myself, one that has been in front of me for so long I never thought I would get to do it. I love him, he has been the only one who scaled the walls and took them down brick by brick. The walls he was able to tear down, also tore down the fear and helped me to unleash my true self and realize my dreams. The ones I was too scared to even start to reach. It’s my time now and there is no time for regret.

I’m only going to be 4 hours away. I am not naive to think I’m going to be on vacation for a year and I’ll be able to get home whenever I want. It will take work and it’s going to try my patience but I have little doubt.

I had some tripped out dreams this weekend. I was out of town and missing him, especially around the times we usually see each other and cuddle on the couch. No doubt my dreams were fed from missing him. These weren’t like my normal dreams, they almost seemed like they were scenes out of my future.

They calmed me.

That’s why I’m not worried about it.

I’m excited – I’ve got my road trip/moving/driving off into the sunset mix CD all set for the drive. I’m going to have a FAB apartment – one that will kick the crap out of these hardwood floors-laundry in the basement-old building apartments I’ve been living in.

I’ve got a mentor already for my assistantship and she cares about my growth. School is totally paid for.

And I’m ready.

Until he sends me the list of the Chicago Outdoor movies in Grant Park this summer. He says he’s sad I won’t be here for the last movie.

It’s ‘The Sound of Music’ – my all time favorite. He knows all the words. And I’m going to miss it.

The little things hurt the most.

I kicked ass and took names

I knocked tomorrow into next week

I nailed it

I shoved it where the sun don’t shine

(Insert cliche for rocking a 2 hour presentation in front of 20 year olds who didn’t what to be there but now LOVE me)

I’m spent.

*sigh* 2 more days.

He was waiting for me when I got home with hoagies, something I’d been complaining/dreaming about, from his favorite spot in Evanston.


A couple reasons I’m going insane this week:

– MASSIVE, MASSIVE, MASSIVE, crunch time at work
– I’m out of town on Thursday and Friday (no, not for fun)
– Had a serious discussion/”stop picking on me” talk with my co-worker who does not understand teamwork
– No way to get quarters, have to do laundry
– My beloved Macbook is broken. Broken. A Mac!???! Only me. So no way to get on the internets and print the googlemaps, airline tix and rental car I need. Not to mention last minute emails that I need to get done. PERSONALLY. At home
– My cat is acting really weird, like really weird. And I have to leave her.
– My taxes were never filed by my accountant and I need that money. Like Yesterday. And my accountant is sporadically available.

One reason why I will not go insane:
– The BF – who is totally making me swoon and keeping me normal:
– Bringing me quarters so I can do my laundry tonight so I don’t have to do it and release insanity the night before my trip.
– Even after taking my laundry to his house last week and folding it all AMAZINGLY – better than I do – last week.
– Lying down with my cat to calm her down two nights in a row. Even though he’s a self proclaimed cat-hater and really allergic to them
– Buying my dinner last night from a crappy Mexican place and not complaining about how crappy his food was – see CRAMPS

Nice break, back to work. Okay, now where’s the Advil?

My top choice just called with an offer of admission complete with an assistantship in one of my TOP choices.

I am in awe and shock otherwise this post would be about how things do happen if only you let him – and work for it. (probably one will come in the future).

My entire degree will be paid for and in one year.

My offer will be e-mailed and I have until Tuesday to decide.

I am 3 for 3 with grad schools. What the hell was I so scared about?!

Hello, Indiana.

Looks like I will be moving to Madison in August.


Quite possibly one of the coolest cities ever and the Educational Policy program is ranked 3rd in the country.

They want me.


The program is going to kick my butt, but it’ll set me up for a PhD, which I want to have as an option in my back pocket. I’m ready, I’m excited and I can’t wait!! So much that all I’ve done the last day and a half is search for apartments.

And there are lots of lakes and progressive people. And the Farmer’s Market, oh, the Farmer’s Market.

I’m not going that far away and I have a car so relationship will be left in tact.

Plus, I already know their fight song.


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