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The Big Day

Posted on: March 11, 2007

No, not that big day.

But Friday, 5pmish – My alma mater vs. R’s one of the colleges where he played lacrosse and went to school/favorite team ever showdown.

March Madness is here.

And this is what we’ve been waiting for. R and I. For our schools to play each other. Football was never going to happen… although R says in the 2011-12 season we’ve got an agreement. And it will be our embarrassment. P’shaw. Basketball is where I wanted it to go down. (preferably with the 2005 team)

5:19pm tonight – Phone call from R:
Me: What? Um, ok (I’d been working and had the TV off)
R: University of you versus Me Tech University. 5pm. Friday. No 5 vs No 12 in Columbus!
Me: Oh, Cool!! YES!
R: You guys are No 12
Me: Oh.

Except, we suck this year – in relative terms to greatness. We’re the Number 12 seed, he’s the Number 5.

I wanted to dominate, and destroy and politely smile and say “Oh, well they are really good and had a great season.” To R. About his team.

For now I hold my breath and just wait.

My friends are all lined up for it. This was the following text exchange:

5:20pm tonight
Friend S: So Friday is going to be a big day for you and R!
Me: I know! He called to tell me and gloat.
Friend S: I hope this doesn’t ruin your relationship
Me: It won’t on his end. The Hokies are dead to me.

He’ll be out of town in nowhere, IL so maybe I can lie and tell him we win (which we WILL – a No 12 ALWAYS upsets a No 5) until he gets further information.


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