Life is Busting out ALL Over!


Posted on: March 1, 2007

I don’t know if it has been turning 29 or what but I simply am run down when it comes to Thursday nights. About 3pm hits and I’m done for the week. Which sucks for my workflow because that’s right about at the crescendo. Oy.

I’m pretty sure I know why:
1. 12:30 seems to be about my bedtime all the time.
2. Fucking Indiana and their ice storms and the 7 hours it took me to get home on Saturday driving 30 miles an hour, driving into a ditch (true story!), gunning poor Apple (my car, hey if Gwenyth can do it?) and getting out of the ditch on to 65. R said I passed the F out when my head hit the pillow and I took 2 naps on Sunday. Dear Jasper County, you suck.
3. I’m playing Utility at work. One thing on top of another for EVERYONE
4. My volunteer work, which I love, but am constantly behind with deadlines.
5. Grad School thoughts
6. The fact I stopped working out 2 years ago. Running 5 miles 4x a week to nothing, I imagine, will turn the body into sloth – no, it does turn you into sloth. 30 more pounds of it.
7. My sister called me to tell me she almost had sex this weekend – she’s never done that and by her age, she’s in the 1% percentile. Apparently they almost did, everything but. EW. My sister and I don’t have these conversations. We are grew up close but really, really competitive/jealous/”let me have my OWN”. Our relationship is changing and good lord, we are so different, it had to at some point. But still. I told R about it and he was like “I don’t want to hear about my sister almost having sex and I don’t want to hear about yours either.” Well said.
8. Thinking
9. Wondering
10. Thinking

I need to turn my brain off. I used to have the answer for that: alcohol. But I’m over that part of my life and don’t care to go out anymore.

I think I’m going to start to be more honest here. No one reads this, NO ONE that knows me knows I have this. If I can process some of this stuff maybe I’ll be able to take a load off.

Not tonight though, tonight I’m going to bed.


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