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Now I know why women were chosen to give birth*

Posted on: February 6, 2007

Why are men such babies when they are sick??

This is what I experienced last night:

I’m fine really… COUGH COUGH COUGH [almost drives off the road]… I don’t want to go to the doctor, I’ll be fine… No, I don’t want cold medicine… [While at Store shopping for cold medicine because G.D. he needs to take something, he calls me] Please get me specific type of medicine A, B, and C. …. I’m hungry but I don’t know what to eat…. White Castle [Barf]… I don’t know you decide….Will you sit in the bathroom during my really hot steam shower and talk to me…

{I walk into my bedroom where BF has decided now he would like to sleep courtesy of Nyquil – However, he is lying diagonal in the bed. This means that when I finally go to sleep there will be NO ROOM for me if he doesn’t move now}

Me: Hey, can you lay straight so that I can get in the bed later?
BF: COUGH COUGH Are you serious?? Here I am sick and you are straightening the bed and asking me to move? Unbelievable.
Me: [Folding down the sheet over the comforter that lay on top of him] Um, well when you put it like that, it sounds so mean but it’s either now or I’ll have wake you later
BF: [Now in a royal Nyquil-PMS mood] Whatever [Still doesn’t move]
Me: [Annoyed and flabbergasted] Fine. Good night. [Walks out]

I felt bad after that, he was really sick but I couldn’t get over the lack of consideration that is always there when he’s healthy. When I’m sick I’m still considerate. There is no need for that to go away. But still, I hoped that he wouldn’t be too mad in the morning.

I didn’t need to worry.

{Several hours later, I walk back in to my bedroom, BF is properly on his side of the bed, I get into bed trying not to kick him or anything}

BF: [Abruptly lifts head up off pillow] Hey, did you come in here a little while ago and spray water on me or something?
Me: Babe, no this is the first time I’ve been in here. Maybe you are just sweaty.
BF: [Whiny] I don’t know why you would do that. I’m not sweaty. [Passes out]

{30 minutes later}
I’m watching Larry King with the Miss USA who was in rehab, and it’s fascinating me for some reason.

BF: [Head pops back up] Who said my name?? I heard my name! [Passes out]

{30 minutes later I’m now watching “Friends” and I turn up the volume so I can hear it over the COUGH COUGH.}

[Someone on the TV says “FYI…”]

BF: [Flips over and mumbling/slurring] FYI… PDQ… ASAP. … A… S…A…P. [Passes out]


*Gender roles abused for the point of the blog.


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