Life is Busting out ALL Over!

A Brief Recap

Posted on: January 11, 2007

Sorry Folks – or rather Sorry Me, since I’m the only one that reads this – haven’t been keeping up with the old blog. Think it’s about time to catch up with they ole’ Yay – Boo ranking of recent life events.

Yay – Gray’s Anatomy for returning this week and NOT making me cry

Boo – I’ll bring the rags to wipe my eyes next week

Yay – Meredith wasn’t as whiny this week

Boo – She probably will next week

Yay – Supermercado down the street for cheap and yummy chicken fajita meat

Boo – We cooked all of it but it was too much to eat at once so I have to throw it out

Yay – Boyfriend finally is taking the dishes out to the sink without asking

Boo – He almost threw away a knife

Yay – The advisor for my first choice in programs okayed my special reference request and said he was pleased to see I had full time work with undergraduates. PLEASED!!

Boo – I have to email my references and wrap up my applications

Yay – I did not spend all my money this pay period

Boo – I’ve spent my allotted ‘go out to eat for lunch’ fund – PB& J tomorrow

Yay – Parents in Vegas this week means less non-important calls from my mother this week!!

Boo – She calls during ‘The Office’ instead

Yay – I love being in Love

Boo – Love had to go home tonight to clean

Yay – My favorite person at work had a bitchly attitude all week – only one more day of the week!

Boo – Lots to do tomorrow

Yay – I’m feeling much better

Boo – Feeling better comes with leaking in all places. *achoo!*

Yay – Girls night in on Saturday

Boo – Best Friend will probably blab on and on about more of her brainwashing pyramid scheme

Yay – Good moods everywhere

Boo – No one sells chocolate chips within walking distance of my apartment

Okay, I think that’s it. Carry on.


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